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Garcinia supplements are derived from the Garcinia plant which produces what is commonly known as monkey fruit. Other names for Garcinia include brindle berry, Malabar tamarind, hydroxycitric acid, or citrin.

Garcinia supplements are usually taken by people who would like to lose weight. Garcinia supplements are often mixed in with other ingredients to create weight loss products such as dietary supplements, snack bars, gum, and beverages.

Extensive use of Garcinia supplements can cause serious side effects when taken for a long period of time. Further explanation of these side effects can be found in the article below.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


The Benefits of Taking Garcinia Garcinia supplement benefits include fighting the Ebola virus, infections, and rheumatism. This may be due to the large amounts of vitamin C which occur naturally in the Garcinia plant. Garcinia may also be helpful in treating ailments such as ulcers. Th... more

The Benefits of Taking Garcinia

Garcinia supplement benefits include fighting the Ebola virus, infections, and rheumatism. This may be due to the large amounts of vitamin C which occur naturally in the Garcinia plant.

Garcinia may also be helpful in treating ailments such as ulcers. This is due to the chemical Garcinol in Garcinia that lowers acid in the stomach. The same chemical also helps in treating diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, and intestinal parasites.

Garcinia can be beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol. The hydroxycitric acid in Garcinia is responsible for being able to improve cholesterol levels.

The hydroxycitric acid is also believed to affect the serotonin levels in your brain which can regulate moods and help with depression and bipolar disorders. The serotonin in your brain also helps control appetite.

Garcinia and Weight Loss

Garcinia supplements help curb your appetite. It is believed that the hydroxycitric acid in the Garcinia fruit affects the production of fatty acids in the body, so it helps to prevent weight gain.

As the hydroxycitric acid is working to prevent fatty acids from being manufactured, it is also sending chemicals to your brain. The hydroxycitric acid alters your levels of serotonin, telling the brain that your stomach is full. If your brain thinks that you is full, you will stop eating.

Garcinia supplements also provide energy. Garcinia is believed to take stored fat and use it for energy during exercise. The more energy you have, the faster your body is burning calories. When you burn calories, you lose weight.

The Recommeded Dosage for Garcinia

When Garcinia supplements are taken by themselves, recommended dosage includes 1000 – 2000 milligrams taken daily an hour prior to eating all meals. It is often advised to take Garcinia supplements for thirty days, and then take a week off without taking any Garcinia supplements.

Garcinia and Side Effects

You should always speak with a health care provider before taking any supplements. However, if you are on heart medication, beta blockers, or muscle relaxers, you should not take any supplements with Garcinia as an ingredient.

Garcinia supplements can cause acidosis if used for extended periods of time.

Chest pains were another side effect reported by a woman taking Garcinia supplements. Once the woman stopped taking Garcinia supplements, her chest pains subsided.

Other severe side effects after continual use include damage to the testicles and liver. Less severe side effects include diarrhea, stomach discomfort, or nausea which is very common in herbal supplements.

Other minor side effects of Garcinia supplements may include difficulty sleeping due to the energy boost it provides. Lastly, some individuals complain of dizziness and dry mouth.

Garcinia and the Food and Drug Administration

According to the Food and Drug Administration, Garcinia is permitted to be used in nutritional supplements. However, the manufacturer is required to follow certain FDA guidelines.

The manufacturer must include information regarding the possible side effects of taking Garcinia. They must also provide detailed information regarding the active ingredients, how the ingredients were processed, extracted, and how these ingredients will be used.

Also, no claims or promises can be made regarding what the product can do as there have been no official studies conducted on Garcinia. Garcinia supplement companies are not allowed to say that Garcinia cures any ailments or treats any diseases.

The Food and Drug Administration reported 23 cases between 2002 and 2008 of liver toxicity from individuals who had taken Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut is a weight loss product that contains Garcinia.

However, no one is sure if it was the Garcinia that caused the liver damage.  It may have been the Ephedra in the Hydroxycut supplement that was responsible.

Garcinia Products

Garcina is available as an ingredient in many dietary supplements or alone as its own supplement. Weight loss supplements that include Garcinia are Optimum’s Mega Fat Burners, Hammer Nutrition’s Appestat, Total Body Research Labs Lepti-Trim Shake, Champion Ultramet Lite, Life Time’s Mangosteen Juice, and BSN’s Cheaters Relief.

There are numerous more products on the market containing Garcinia. To locate and compare these products, use the supplement finder now!


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Chest Pain
Difficulty Sleeping
Dry Mouth
Liver Damage
Stomach Discomfort
Testicular Damage
Brindle berry, Malabar tamarind, Hydroxycitric acid, Citrin
Appetite Suppression
Bipolar Disorder
Cholesterol Regulation
Fight Infections
Mood Stabilizer
Weight Loss
Fights Ebola Virus
Intestinal Parasites