Geranium Oil Extract

Geranium Oil Extract

Aid Overall Health

Geranium oil comes from the geranium plant, which is an aromatic flowering plant. In most cases, oil is extracted from the leaves and stems, although many supplement companies will use the flower as well so that the pleasant smell is included.

There are no studies to support the use of geranium oils in the diet or in aromatherapy settings. This does not mean that there are no benefits to using geranium oil extract, only that because it isn’t essential for the human body, scientists have deemed it as unimportant (right or wrong).

Primarily, geranium oil is imported to the US rather than being manufactured in the US. The primary places of import are China, Egypt, Russia, and Madagascar. It is generally accepted that the finest geranium oil extracts come from China.

Geranium oil extracts are used in spas, beauty salons and massage parlors. Of course, you can also purchase geranium oil extract to use at home in whatever form that you desire.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Geranium Oil Extract Forms When you think of an oil, you probably think about something along the lines of aromatherapy and, in part, you would be exactly right. You can purchase geranium oil extract in oil form to use in aromatherapy methods. When you buy the oil, you can add several ... more

Geranium Oil Extract Forms

When you think of an oil, you probably think about something along the lines of aromatherapy and, in part, you would be exactly right. You can purchase geranium oil extract in oil form to use in aromatherapy methods.

When you buy the oil, you can add several drops to steaming hot water and then inhale the steam for internal benefits. You can also add it to a vaporizer that has a nebulizer so that it can disburse the oil throughout the room.

In a spray (add water and rubbing alcohol to several drops of oil) you can spray your floors, linens, towels and so on to use as a deodorizer. You can also add oil to your bath or combine with a massage oil to enjoy its calming effects!

You can also purchase geranium oil in topical creams, face masks, soap, capsules, pills, pastes and more. Generally, you can find geranium in nearly any type of beauty product meant to aid in aging or smooth skin. This doesn’t mean you will find it in every beauty product, only that you can find it in some beauty products.

Geranium Oil Extract Benefits

Geranium oil extract is used for a variety of things. As mentioned above, there are no studies to back up the benefits, but geranium oil has been used for hundreds of years and according to those that use it, quite successfully too.

  • MRSA: You do need to be aware that some websites selling geranium oil claim that studies have proven geranium oil to be beneficial for the treatment of MRSA, which is a resistant strain of staph. However, there are no published studies supporting this claim so if you have MRSA, talk to your doctor before making the decision to treat with geranium oil.
  • Menstruation: One of the most common uses for geranium oil is for menstruation. Women who have heavy periods may find that geranium oil acts as a styptic, which means it reduces the amount of bleeding that occurs. In addition, this can help if you have a wound that leaves you bleeding heavily.
  • Stress reliever: Geranium oil is considered to be a relaxant. What this means is that when disbursed through a vaporizer, you may feel calm and feel your stress reduce. You may also find that any fears that you were feeling are reduced or are more manageable.
  • Energy: Interestingly, geranium oil can also provide you with more energy. Many people find this contradictive but, simply put, it is a balancer which means if you are down you will feel more up, if you are too anxious, then it will even you out a bit.
  • Skin health: Geranium oil also works this way with the skin. If you have oily skin, geranium oil, applied directly (although diluted a bit) can reduce your skin's oily condition. If you have dry skin, geranium oil extract can help you skin to have healthy levels of moisture.
  • Astringent: Geranium is also an astringent. What this means for you is that when applied topically, it can help to shrink pores. When you soak in a geranium oil bath it can tighten the skin and reduce the signs of wrinkles. There are some claims that if taken orally that it will act as an astringent internally and tighten your muscles.
  • Wound healing: Geranium oil extract is also antibacterial. This means that it will clean wounds. There are also some claims that it helps wounds to heal faster, so you are giving your cuts and scrapes a one two punch.
  • Scars: Many people use geranium oil as a scar treatment. Most doctors agree that there are no products on the market that will aid in scar removal. However, newer scars can benefit from geranium oil. Scars include stretch marks and pock marks as well!
  • Urination: One of the areas that you may not think of as a benefit is that geranium oil makes you urinate more. The truth is, this equates to a major health benefit because the more you urinate, the more toxins are being removed from your body. Another benefit is the fact that sodium is removed from your body when you urinate. That means it’s possible that geranium oil extract can help lower your blood pressure!

Geranium Oil Extract Uses

You will find that there are hundreds of ways that people use geranium oil. You don’t have to purchase expensive geranium oil products; you can create your own products at home by purchasing the geranium oil base and then adding it to other products.

If, for example, you want to benefit from the astringent properties, then you can add two or three drops of oil to your existing face mask. You can even take it a step further and create your own all natural face mask with ingredients that you have from home.

You can also create your own bath oil by buying your favorite bath oil and adding geranium oil so that you have beautiful feeling skin when you get out of the bath. You can also find online recipes for creating your own geranium based bath oils, some of which you can find from supplement companies that sell geranium oil extract.

You can also take geranium oil extract orally; however, you must dilute the oil if you are taking it instead of a capsule or pill. You should also follow the directions from the manufacturer to ensure you don’t take something toxic. This would only happen if the manufacturer added other ingredients to the oil, which many do to provide more benefits or to use as fillers.

Geranium Oil Extract Side Effects

Some people do experience side effects, but this is more the exception than the rule. These side effects are:

  • Rash
  • Burning feeling on the skin
  • Eye irritation

There are no known drug interactions from geranium oil; however, if you are taking blood thinners or blood clot medication, you should talk to your doctor before using geranium oil extract, especially if you are considering taking it orally.

As always, if you have any medical conditions, are nursing or are pregnant, talk to your doctor before taking this or any other supplement.

Geranium oil is considered to be a non toxic substance, so it should be safe in pregnancy. However, since there has been no clinical testing conducted on geranium oil extract, it is better to be safe than sorry and err on the side of caution. In all likelihood, your doctor will not object to your using a geranium oil extract product.

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