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Glutathione is gaining popularity as a healthy supplement because it contributes significantly to detoxification. Additionally, Glutathione is well-known for its antioxidant properties. The body utilizes Glutathione with ease.

In general, there are no significant long-term ramifications or side-effects from the use of Glutathione. Many people primarily use Glutathione for liver detoxification because of the antioxidant properties.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Glutathione Metabolizes Carbohydrates One important nutrition and dieting component is the ability to metabolize simple and complex carbohydrates. Since Glutathione naturally helps the body boost metabolism for carbohydrates, it is thought to decrease the harmful effects of diabetes and ev... more

Glutathione Metabolizes Carbohydrates

One important nutrition and dieting component is the ability to metabolize simple and complex carbohydrates. Since Glutathione naturally helps the body boost metabolism for carbohydrates, it is thought to decrease the harmful effects of diabetes and even help maintain proper blood-sugar levels when used as a supplement.

When used to metabolize carbohydrates, the body is less likely to store sugars in the bloodstream or in the fat cells. Increasing muscle mass and quickly breaking down carbohydrates is an effective way to help control and maintain normal blood-sugar levels. While it is not recommended to stop diabetes medication, it is an option to discuss with your healthcare professional.

Glutathione Stimulates Muscle Growth

Our bodies naturally create Glutathione by synthesizing of three primary amino acids. During heavy workouts and regular muscle training, exercisers and bodybuilders can use up the body's natural reserves of Glutathione. Taking a supplement with Glutathione in it is a way to quickly and effectively replace lost amounts. As a result, muscle building becomes more efficient and easier when utilizing this type of supplement.

People desiring rapid and long-term weight loss are often encouraged to build muscles. Muscles burn more resting calories than fat cells. Increasing the overall muscle mass of the body is an important method for not only losing weight but keeping the weight off. This type of supplement can benefit the general public that wishes to lose weight, as well as athletes and bodybuilders.

Glutathione Liver Detoxification

Studies indicate that Glutathione taken regularly helps in the detoxification of the liver. Over the years, our livers accumulate toxins we ingest and breathe-in from our surrounding environment. Glutathione helps the liver release these toxins and build new cells.

Many people take over-the-counter medications. Excess residues of these can buildup in the liver over an extended period of time. This decreases the liver's effectiveness to rid the body of toxins. Using this type of supplement is a way to boost the liver's ability to keep the body clean.

Studies have shown that people who drink or smoke increase the amount of toxins the liver needs to process and the body to dispose of. Glutathione is excellent in helping the body get rid of these toxins and the liver to recover from the additional strain and use.

Glutathione Antioxidant Properties

Because this compound helps the body regenerate and grow CD8 cells, it is popular as an antioxidant. Some enthusiasts claim Glutathione can reduce the risk of certain cancers, lessen cataracts and enhance male libido and male sexual performance.  Further clinical trials are needed to support these claims.

Another benefit of antioxidant properties is the body's ability to fight off infection, colds and other diseases. Using this type of supplement on a regular basis could result in fewer trips to the doctor for minor illnesses and ailments.

Glutathione Side-Effects

The majority of users experience no side-effects associated with taking Glutathione as an oral supplement. However, if side-effects do arise, it is important to consult your with your doctor. Side-effects were noted most commonly for people taking the supplement in high-dosages for extended periods of time. Glutathione is not generally recommended for pregnant women, nursing women and people with allergies.

Side-effects of Glutathione can include:

  • Lightening of skin color
  • Zinc deficiency
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Chest pains
  • Difficulties breathing

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Chest Pain
Difficulty Breathing
Lightening Of Skin Color
Stomach Cramps
Zinc Deficiency
Gamma-Glutamylcysteinylglycine, Gamma-L-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinylglycine, Glutatión, L-Gamma-Glutamyl-L-Cysteinyl-Glycine, L-Glutathione, GSH, N-(N-L-gamma-Glutamyl-L-cysteinyl)glycine
Build Muscle
Burn Fat
Fight Infections
Maintains Blood Sugar Levels
Male Libido
Muscle Mass
Weight Loss