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HMB stands for Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. It metabolizes an amino acid in the body, called leucine. Sold as an anti-catabolic, it claims to curb the breakdown of protein during post-exercise recovery time.It is unknown how HMB actually works, and little actual scientific proof exists to validate the claim that it is effective as an ergogenic (performance enhancing) support.

This amino acid can be found in whole foods, as well as in supplements. Such foods include: alfalfa sprouts, citrus fruits such as grapefruit, and other fruits like cantaloupe. Many individuals who diet believe that HMB helps to reduce body fat, increase strength, build muscle, reduce soreness after workouts, and speed the recovery time between workouts too.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


HMB and Weight Loss Proteolysis occurs naturally inside the body. This process breaks down muscle, and generally occurs after physically strenuous workouts or activities. HMB supplements provide protection from proteolysis, and actually help your body to repair these muscles. It does this ... more

HMB and Weight Loss

Proteolysis occurs naturally inside the body. This process breaks down muscle, and generally occurs after physically strenuous workouts or activities. HMB supplements provide protection from proteolysis, and actually help your body to repair these muscles. It does this by acting as preventive maintenance during the actual physical activity.

Apparently, there is a theory that claims that HMB is a type of figurative building block for intra-muscular cholesterol. This is something your body needs after rigorous physical activity for growth and repair. Put simply, HMB provides your body with the ability to stay in an anabolic state for an extended period of time. This helps your body to build even more muscle.

It has been demonstrated that a measurable amount of increased strength and lean body mass is noticeable in a matter of weeks. For better results, expect to take a little longer; up to a month. The HMB supplement can add that little extra “oomph” to your everyday routine. Keep reading to learn about HMB dosage.

HMB and Dosage

It is important to talk to a good personal trainer and consult your physician before beginning this or any diet supplement or exercise routine. If you are on any other medication, or taking any other supplement, then you should consult your physician before adding an additional supplement to your regimen. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take HMB.

One specific study provided results proving that by taking 3 grams of HMB everyday participants noticed increased strength over those individuals who took the placebo in the study.The 3 g also helped participants to see a reduction in their bad cholesterol levels. The study showed how HMB can help to speed up muscle growth, fat loss, strength, and endurance.

HMB and Side Effects

There are currently no known negative side effects to the supplement known as HMB when taken in the appropriate dose. However, it does provide additional positive side effects.

One of these is that it has been known to protect cardiovascular function. Another plus is that users tend to see an increase in VO2 max. This is the most oxygen consumption a body can take it. This is a sign of the bodies’ capacity for endurance.

When this increase meets exercise, you are able to work out more effectively and efficiently, with less wear and tear on your muscles, and less of a decrease in your energy level. Additionally, muscle protein breakdown that usually is induced by exercise, tends to decrease when you utilize HMB supplements. In turn, recovery time speeds up.

HMB Studies

Improved strength and greater muscle mass have also been documented in participants who utilized HMB supplements. To date, there have been very few studies done on this phenomenon. Long-term studies indicating possible long-term effects have also not been completed at this time.

Recent research demonstrates how the HMB supplement plays a major part in synthesizing protein and may improve body composition as well as muscle growth. There have been double-blind studies however, that suggest that HMB supplementation may be only effective when utilized with a regular exercise program as well for people who are not trained athletes.

These studies found that there was no effect of between 3 and 6 g of HMB per day on overall body composition, body weight, or body fat, in those individuals who took part in daily “over-the-top,” physical activity such as bodybuilders or football players.

There was one double-blind study, however, in which 70 year old participants took 3 g of HMB per day while strength training for the very first time with positive results. Yet another double-blind study in which the participants were young men with no strength training experience at all found that they experienced a great deal of improvement in their muscle mass when using 17 mg of HMB /lb. of their total body weight as part of their training program.

However, another test group who took twice as much HMB, but were younger, experienced no changes whatsoever in their body composition, body weight, or total fat. The lesson is to observe your own results carefully.

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Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate Monohydreate, Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyric Acid, Calcium B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate, Calcium HMB, Hidroximetilbutirato, Hydroxymethyl Butyrate
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