Gain Weight / Increase Energy

If you are serious about being active, you are probably interested in how a Maltodextrin supplement can help you rejuvenate after a workout. Individuals who take Maltodextrin as a supplement believe it is beneficial not only in increased energy but also in other areas.

Maltodextrin is often found in supplements like weight gain powders, nutritional supplements, energy drinks, and sports drinks. Maltodextrin can also be found in many foods.

Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate extracted from potatoes, corn, or rice. Once extracted, Maltodextrin resembles a white powder.

Although many of us consume Maltodextrin without even realizing it, if you wish to take Maltodextrin as a supplement, you should check with your physician first. Maltodextrin may cause side effects or allergic reactions which are addressed below. 

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Maltodextrin Supplements Maltodextrin can be found in many supplements. For example, there are powder supplements which contain nutritional ingredients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and plant extracts. Within these supplements, Maltodextrin is used to provide benefits as... more

Maltodextrin Supplements

Maltodextrin can be found in many supplements. For example, there are powder supplements which contain nutritional ingredients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and plant extracts.

Within these supplements, Maltodextrin is used to provide benefits as a carbohydrate.  

Maltodextrin can also be found as a supplement by itself. As a supplement by itself its entire purpose is to provide carbohydrates and energy to the body.

Additional Uses of Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is made inexpensively so it is found in many products. Maltodextrin is often found in prepackaged foods as a substitute for sugar.

Maltodextrin is sweet like sugar and high in calories. Maltodextrin can be found in sodas, desserts, cereals, soups, sauces, and artificial sweeteners.

In addition to being used as a sweetener, Maltodextrin is used to thicken the consistency of other ingredients. Maltodextrin is somewhat gooey before being broken down into powder form.

Maltodextrin Dosage

For optimal results, take Maltodextrin before exercise. Mix 25-30g of Maltodextrin into the beverage of your choice.

You will find that it is not necessary to take Maltodextrin during your actual workout, but if you want to, be sure and consume 15-20g.

Finally, the other optimal time to take Maltodextrin is after physical activity. Switch off by taking 50-75g one day and 25-35g the next. Then continue alternating between the 50-75g and 25-35g.

Maltodextrin Benefits

Maltodextrin can be beneficial for reenergizing after a workout. When Maltodextrin is used in sports drinks, energy drinks, or powders, you bounce back faster. This is because Maltodextrin has an extremely high Glycemic index so it enters your blood stream quickly.

Maltodextrin is an inexpensive supplement especially when sold in powder form. Maltodextrin is easily digested by the body.

If you are a bodybuilder or your goal is simply to gain weight, Maltodextrin can help you meet your weight gain goals. Maltodextrin is high in calories, and because it remains in your digestive tract longer your body does not burn it off fast.

Carbohydrates like Maltodextrin take longer to break down than proteins which are why it is beneficial for weight gain or for repair after a workout.

Maltodextrin Side Effects

There are many side effects that you could possibly experience when consuming Maltodextrin. One side effect of Maltodextrin is that individuals who consume Maltodextrin often gain weight due to the high calorie content.

Another side effect of Maltodextrin is that it is highly allergenic. Maltodextrin causes allergic reactions like rashes, hives, runny noses, itching, and difficulty breathing. However, if you are allergic to Maltodextrin, you will experience a reaction within two hours of consuming the ingredient.

Maltodextrin can also affect how your organs function. For example, your intestines may suffer from gas and bloating. Your arteries may become clogged due to the effect of high cholesterol when consuming Maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin slows down your digestion system. As your digestion slows down, your body holds onto the ingredients and actually increases your cravings for additional sweet foods.

Maltodextrin not only causes sudden drops in sugar levels, but also can cause unhealthy increases in sugar levels.

 Maltodextrin Reviews

Individuals who use Maltodextrin supplements in its simplest form find it to be extremely beneficial. Reviewers who are looking to gain weight or maintain weight are able to do so by consuming Maltodextrin.

Consumers also reported that Maltodextrin gave them that extra energy boost they were looking for after their workout.

Maltodextrin users also claim it simply made them feel better. One person reported that Maltodextrin in a supplement form aided in digestion.

One person believed it limited his normal gassiness and bloating. Another believed it helped them with their seasonal allergies.

Reviewers also say that there is no taste, so the powder easily dissolves and mixes into beverages.

Lastly, individuals who use this supplement claim that Maltodextrin supplements provide good value for the money. Everyone reacts differently to different products.

If you are interested in weight gain and feeling energized after a workout, Maltodextrin might be the supplement for you. You can find Maltodextrin supplements now by using the free supplement finder


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