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Ostivone is the trademarked name of a synthetic supplement which is touted to improve the health of your bones and prevent the loss of any bone density. It has been trademarked by a company called Technical Sourcing International, Inc. Ostivone is found as an ingredient in many bone supplements which are currently on the market.

Ostivone is also known as synthetic ipriflavone. Ostivone is bio-identical to a flavonoid which is derived from alfalfa plants. However, Ostivone is manufactured in a laboratory. It works best in conjunction with calcium.

Very few studies have been conducted on Ostivone supplements proving their effectiveness or possible side effects. However, you should always discuss taking any new supplements, including Ostivone supplements, with your health care professional.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


The Benefits of Taking a Supplement Containing Ostivone Ostivone supplements are claimed to be beneficial in improving the health of your bones and preventing the loss of any bone density. Ostivone.com asserts that studies conducted internationally have shown that when Ostivone is combined... more

The Benefits of Taking a Supplement Containing Ostivone

Ostivone supplements are claimed to be beneficial in improving the health of your bones and preventing the loss of any bone density. Ostivone.com asserts that studies conducted internationally have shown that when Ostivone is combined with calcium, the body uses both ingredients for generating new bone cells. This prevents the loss of bone mass.

The manufacturer claims that these results are due to the fact that Ostivone alters the production of the hormone Calcitonin in the body which affects how calcium is metabolized.

In addition to playing a role in the production of Calcitonin, Ostivone supplements may also affect the production of other hormones in your body regulating them in a way that they are more consistent.

Ostivone and Your Physical Fitness

Ostivone supplements are extremely important when it comes to fitness. Strong bones equate to less injury and quicker repair time.

Athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness buffs all train hard. With that kind of dedication comes the risk of injury. If you take care of your bones, your body will suffer less injury- and when it does, you will bounce back faster.

Another factor is the theory that excess protein can affect calcium absorption. Many athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness buffs eat higher concentrations of protein and stay away from carbohydrates. 

They do this because of the simple sugars that carbohydrates turn into and the weight gain that results. This higher protein intake was once believed to affect calcium absorption.

These individuals are often told to increase their calcium intake because their body is being depleted of necessary calcium. This is not true. However, everyone needs calcium as it is one of the most important minerals in our body.

Ostivone Dosage

Ostivone supplement dosage varies depending on the manufacturer. Most brands of supplements which contain Ostivone recommend that the supplement should be taken with a meal.

Most Ostivone supplements contain calcium. Some of them contain other beneficial and complementary ingredients such as vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, copper, manganese, and zinc.

Ostivone supplements are targeted for older individuals whose bones have stopped regenerating due to their age. This is a natural process. Ostivone supplements help the bones begin making new cells again.

Some doctors recommend taking Ostivone supplements to work in conjunction with prescribed bone density improving drugs like Fosamax or Estrogen. Ostivone supplements are also a good alternative to taking prescription drugs that contain Estrogen like Premarin when patients do not want to use hormone therapy for bone loss.

Ostivone Side Effects

You should always speak with a health care professional prior to taking supplements containing Ostivone. However, you should never take Ostivone supplements if you are taking Theophylline for asthma.

Side effects of Ostivone are mild or nonexistent. The only noted side effects are stomach discomfort. If you take your Ostivone supplement with food and in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, you can avoid stomach discomfort all together.

One woman did report on the National Osteoporosis Foundation website, that Ostivone may affect your white blood cell count. White blood cells play a vital role in fighting off infection. However, there have been no official studies conducted to prove the claim is true.

Ostivone and the Food and Drug Administration

Although the Food and Drug Administration allows Ostivone as an ingredient in many dietary supplements, they do not permit the supplement manufacturer to state any claims on the validity of the product on the label or on the manufacturer’s website.

Ostivone is not listed as a Generally Recognized as Safe ingredient on the Food and Drug Administration website.

Ostivone Reviews

Many individuals claim that Ostivone supplements work, but there is little data provided showing a change in their bone density testing. There was one woman who stated that her bone scan showed improvements in three of five of the areas. The two areas that showed no improvements showed no decrease either.

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