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An extremely important part of the human body, phosphorus helps maintain structure as well as restoring function.  Because of the ability of phosphorus to help increase cell production and in turn increase energy levels, phosphorus should be a major part of any exercise, workout or health and wellness program.

Because phosphorus is found in many of the food we consume, it is already prevalent in the human body. However, by taking phosphorus supplements, energy levels can increase thus leading to a better workout, increase muscle size and reduced body fat. 

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Phosphorus Uses Phosphorus is used across the world as a natural remedy for either a cough or sore throat. However, by taking phosphorus as part of a supplement program combined with a workout regimen, many health and wellness benefits can arise. Since phosphorus helps increase the ene... more

Phosphorus Uses

Phosphorus is used across the world as a natural remedy for either a cough or sore throat. However, by taking phosphorus as part of a supplement program combined with a workout regimen, many health and wellness benefits can arise.

Since phosphorus helps increase the energy produced in the body, many athletes, both professional and amateur, utilize phosphorus tablets to reduce fatigue and to assist with recovery times.

For individuals in a workout program, taking phosphorus supplements can help maintain focus throughout the program and reduce dependence on stimulants and caffeine.

Phosphorus has many other known and proven uses, including helping to reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms and protect against the development of kidney stones. Phosphorus is also to the development of teeth formations and the growth of bones.

As a natural substance with no caffeine or aspirin, phosphorus can be taken with other medications safely. Phosphorus also helps with maintaining bone strength.

Phosphorus Benefits

In order to produce energy from food, the body relies on phosphorus.  In addition, phosphorus assists in activating many of the B vitamins that are so important to the process of energy production.

Although calcium is traditionally considered to be the most important ingredient related to healthy bones and teeth, phosphorus is just as valuable. The combination of the two forms calcium phosphate, which is actually the substance that solidifies the teeth and bones.

However, in order to function to its fullest potential, phosphorus does require certain amounts of calcium and vitamin D.

Phosphorus Sources

In addition to purchasing phosphorus tablets, phosphorus can be found naturally through a number of different food sources. Foods such as raisins, soy beans and raspberries all contain large amounts of phosphorus.

So do certain types of fish and certain cereals, especially whole grain cereal. Cheese, nuts and even bacon contain levels of phosphorus that can help the body maintain healthy levels.

Phosphorus also has the natural ability to break down an individual’s fats, carbohydrates and proteins, thus helping maintain a healthy weight and body.

Phosphorus Dosage

Taking Phosphorus supplements is relatively easy and convenient, as Phosphorus comes in a couple of different consumable forms.

Phosphorus is available as a tablet and as a pellet. According to the Food and Drug Administration, individuals should consume up to 1000 mg of Phosphorus a day as part of a healthy diet.

Although many daily vitamins contain Phosphorus, the amount is not always sufficient. Consult with a doctor or health care provider to discuss additional consumption of Phosphorus.

Phosphorus Deficiency Symptoms

If an individual has developed certain symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, muscles that twitch or don’t recover, a prolonged loss of appetite, extreme weight gain, an increase in anxiety, or pain in and around the bones, a deficiency of Phosphorus may be prevalent.

This can be especially dangerous to an athlete or someone that is involved in a workout program. By taking Phosphorus Supplements and/or ensuring to consume foods with a high quantity of Phosphorus, individuals can maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Phosphorus Side Effects and Warnings

Certain foods, drinks and other items can interfere with the body’s ability to produce and maintain healthy Phosphorus levels. Certain antacids, carbonated beverages and alcohol can all cause negative effects when it comes to your Phosphorus level.

In addition, women who are pregnant may need to consume more Phosphorus in order to keep levels high enough to be a benefit.

However, taking Phosphorus, as with taking any supplement, should be discussed with a doctor or other health care provider. Individual needs concerning Phosphorus will vary depending on many factors, including diet, exercise program, family history and lifestyle.

In addition, taking too much Phosphorus can also cause certain medical issues. When the human body senses too much Phosphorus, calcium will be transferred from the bones into the blood stream to try to restore the natural balance the body needs to function properly.

When this happens, bones become weaker and certain organs can calcify and increase the risk of medical complications. To find the products you need, use the supplement finder now!



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Weakening Of Bones
Calcification Of Organs
Bone Development
Increased Energy
Kidney Stone Prevention
Recovery After A Workout
Reduce Alcohol Withdrawl Symptoms
Reduce Dependence On Stimulants
Reduce Fatigue