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Pyruvate is an alpha-keto acid that is also known as pyruvic acid or ketone. It helps metabolize sugar and, as a supplement, it is used by athletes to improve their performance. Dieters use it to help with weight loss. There are also other benefits to pyruvate supplements and since it also occurs naturally there are few known side effects.

The human body is capable of making pyruvate from glucose, your body’s energy source. However, pyruvate is also found in certain foods such as red apples. Additionally, pyruvate is found in red wine and dark beer.

Although pyruvate is made naturally by the body as well as found naturally in certain foods, there is little scientific evidence to back up the benefits of pyruvate supplements. However, there are some studies that show pyruvate to be beneficial for endurance and weight loss.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Pyruvate Benefits Although the benefits of pyruvate supplements are not medially conclusive, independent testing shows that pyruvate supplements can help increase metabolic rates, which in turn can help with weight loss. Your metabolic rate is how much energy you expend in a certain time f... more

Pyruvate Benefits

Although the benefits of pyruvate supplements are not medially conclusive, independent testing shows that pyruvate supplements can help increase metabolic rates, which in turn can help with weight loss. Your metabolic rate is how much energy you expend in a certain time frame.

For example, your body expends energy when it converts food to energy. It also expends energy when your body is just resting. No matter what you are doing, your body is always working, which means it is always burning calories. Therefore, increasing your metabolic rate can help you burn more calories with less effort.

If pyruvate supplements can naturally increase your metabolic rate, then you can begin to burn more calories and more fat as a result. The more you work out, the bigger benefit you will have, optimizing your weight loss.

When you work out, you also get the additional benefit of pyruvate because it also increases your endurance. Athletes like weight trainers may use pyruvate supplements for this reason. Pyruvate supplements may aid in the transport of glucose, increasing your energy levels and providing you with a better workout

There is evidence that a 50% pyruvate skin peel can help reverse the signs of aging. It exfoliates dead skin and reduces fine wrinkles as well as decreases dark spots that are common with aging.

Additional benefits of pyruvate supplements include antioxidant properties, cholesterol lowering potential, and a boost to cardiac health. Since these health benefits have not yet been medically proven, however, it is best to consult with your physician prior to taking pyruvate supplements.

Pyruvate Side Effects

Pyruvate is a naturally occurring acid that helps metabolize your glucose. While there are benefits to taking pyruvate supplements, there can also be some side effects.

The only currently known side effects all seem to occur with high dosages of pyruvate supplements. They all involve gastrointestinal irritation. The exception to this is a pyruvate skin peel, which can cause burning and should only be applied by a medical professional.

If you are not taking pyruvate supplements and experience some of these side effects, then you may have a higher level of pyruvate from eating certain foods. For example, some people experience GI upset from drinking red wine or you may get gas pain from apples or get bloated from beer.

Some people may experience these symptoms from pyruvate supplements. You may also get diarrhea if you take too many pyruvate supplements. Since moderation seems to be the key to avoiding side effects from pyruvate supplements, it is important to follow the recommended dosage.

Pyruvate Dosage

It is best to avoid high dosages if pyruvate supplements. If you take moderate dosages then you may not experience any side effects. However, if you are unsure of how much pyruvate supplements to take or if you experience any side effects you should consult with your doctor.

The recommended daily dosage of pyruvate supplements ranges from five to ten grams per day. You may need to adjust your dosage, however, depending on what your natural intake of pyruvate is. Also, remember that your body makes pyruvate on its own.

Therefore, if you are taking a moderate dose of pyruvate supplements and you are experiencing side effects, it is possible that your total pyruvate intake is too high. You can decrease your dosage as needed and see if that helps with the negative side effects.

Always take pyruvate supplements with food and water. This helps decrease any negative side effects and also lets your body use the pyruvate to convert your glucose properly.

There are no known interactions with other drugs, but pyruvate supplements are not safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or children. Pyruvate supplements can be fatal with children, especially if they have a heart condition like cardiomyopathy.

In order to maximize the benefits of pyruvate supplements for athletes and for people trying to lose weight, you may want to take creatine or DHA along with it. Studies show pyruvate supplements are more effective when taken in conjunction with these other natural acidic supplements. Use the free supplement finder to locate and compare the best supplements and nutrition choices for you now!


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