Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice

Aid Overall Health

The biggest thing in blood pressure control is currently red yeast rice supplements. If you are suffering the ill effects of high blood pressure, then no doubt you are looking for the best ways to control it. Many doctor-prescribed drugs have their own set of ill-side effects—and sometimes they’re even worse than your original symptoms. This is often why many people frequently turn to alternative medicine and supplements as natural options.

Red yeast rice, also called red fermented rice and ang-kak, is rice that has been fermented and cultivated with a type of mold that gives the rice its red coloring. Monascus purpureus is the hard-to-pronounce name of the mold that gives red yeast rice its wondrous cholesterol lowering qualities and red hue. This natural substance has been used in China since before 800 A.D. as a means of “invigorating the body”, as well as in traditional Chinese food dishes such as Peking Duck, certain types of pickled tofu, and other delicacies.

Recent studies have shown that red yeast rice helps inhibit an enzyme in the body that makes cholesterol production; thus it empties your lipids of cholesterol and triglycerides. This is the same way that many popular doctor prescribed cholesterol medications work in the body as well. Unfortunately, this is where the trouble began for red yeast rice in various countries around the world.

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Red Yeast Rice Ban In the United States today, the Food and Drug Administration has made buying and selling red yeast rice that contains certain amounts of Monacolin K illegal. It is even illegal to claim the product can lower cholesterol on the packaging. It has been deemed a drug by the ... more

Red Yeast Rice Ban

In the United States today, the Food and Drug Administration has made buying and selling red yeast rice that contains certain amounts of Monacolin K illegal. It is even illegal to claim the product can lower cholesterol on the packaging. It has been deemed a drug by the FDA currently, because of its chemical resemblance to Lovastine. Regular red yeast rice is not approved for use and consumption by the Federal Drug Act. This is sad news to many, but some believe the actions to be warranted.

The FDA claims the main concern is with medications and red yeast rice supplements being mixed, as this combination may increase the risk of injury to the kidneys and some muscles throughout the human body. Other safety concerns include certain risks for pregnant women, those with liver disease, those with troublesome infections and those who have undergone organ transplant operations.

Some commonly reported side effects include been headache, bloating, heartburn and dizziness. Those concerned about these side effects approve of the FDA’s actions, though others are not as convinced that an age old natural substance, which is still classified as a “drug”, really has toxic side effects; especially when compared to prescription-strength Lovastatine. It’s quite possible this is a legal mess and one that doesn’t have much to do with the actual ingredients.

Red Yeast Rice and Lovastatin

Studies have shown that with moderate consumption, while not taking other medications and with the approval of a doctor, red yeast rice can in fact be a safe way to reduce overall cholesterol levels when compared to a placebo pill. In fact, the National Institutes of Health rates it as possibly effective for its cholesterol managing abilities. Many places still sell supplements of red yeast rice, but they do not contain any major amounts of Monacolin K. 

Lovastatin is from the family of statins, a “natural drug” that is found not only in red yeast rice but also in oyster mushrooms. The drug lowers cholesterol and treats cardiovascular disease. Among the many concerns the FDA had is that certain companies had been inserting purified Monacolin K/ Lovastatininto red yeast rice. 

Red Yeast Rice Benefits                                        

The effectiveness of red yeast rice was showing favorable results as of 2009. Some claims are still being made saying that even low dosages of this cholesterol reducer are still beneficial to the body. This may well be true, and because every person’s chemistry is different, red yeast rice may still work for you.

Finding a quality manufacturer and distributor is essential if you want to find red rice yeast with health benefits. Unproven but often cited benefits include the improving of blood circulation, help with indigestion, and general help with stomach problems like diarrhea.  

If you are thinking about trying this potent cholesterol-reducing drug then it’s best to get the original product in China. However, if you are located in the United States then you have to work within the system and find high quality supplement companies that offer the next best thing. You could also look for Lovastatin, the FDA-approved drug version of the natural supplement Monacolin K.

Red Yeast Rice Dosage

The National Institutes of Health recommends 1200-2400 mgs  one to two times a day to treat high cholesterol. For HIV patients attempting to treat high cholesterol the recommended amount is 1200 mgs twice a day.

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