Retinyl Palmitate

Retinyl Palmitate

Aid Overall Health / Improve Sports / Increase Energy

Retinyl palmitate is also known as vitamin A palmitate, and is a form of vitamin A. Studies have shown that retinyl palmitate aids in the proper musculature growth of an individual along with proteins, vitamins and other nutritional supplements to have better energy and stamina.

A retinyl palmitate supplement is taken to overcome vitamin A deficiency. It is available in dry or oily forms.

Retinyl palmitate as dietary supplements acts as an antioxidant, including an anti-aging element that helps in the quick improvement of the human body. Retinyl palmitate supplements are basically substitutes of vitamin A, which is considered to make you healthy and physically fit.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Retinyl Palmitate Supplement for Athletic Performance Retinyl Palmitate supplement is considered a vital supplement for overall performance and health of an athlete. This supplement is known to aid in a healthy immune system, fights infection, control stress and has a positive effect on vi... more

Retinyl Palmitate Supplement for Athletic Performance

Retinyl Palmitate supplement is considered a vital supplement for overall performance and health of an athlete. This supplement is known to aid in a healthy immune system, fights infection, control stress and has a positive effect on vision.

If you workout intensely under pressure and at the same time have a low fat diet, it is advised to add retinyl palmitate supplements to your diet to maintain the correct intake of vitamin A. 

Athletes often complain about fatigue and weakness after intense workout sessions. In such cases, retinyl palmitate supplements can be suggested for ingestion to boost energy level, as well as workout performance.

Furthermore, retinyl palmitate supplements also help athletes to overcome stretch marks- which may occur during training sessions, thus improving the signs of aging. Apart from this, retinyl palmitate also helps fight free radical and elements that cause oxidative damages.

However, athletes also need to check their dosage as they may be receiving enough antioxidants from other sources as well.

Health Benefits of Retinyl Palmitate Supplements

As dietary supplements, retinyl palmitate can be used by individuals suffering from low vitamin A in their body. Deficiency of this vitamin may cause serious problems such as night blindness, weakened immune system, less ability for producing white blood cells that fight against viruses, increased chances of osteoporosis or stress fractures and low cell growth rate.

Therefore, if you are not receiving sufficient amount of vitamin A in your daily diet, then you can always consider the use of retinyl palmitate supplements to balance the level of this vitamin in your body. This fat soluble vitamin helps in regulating the gene expressions in cell and also helps proper retinal functioning.

However, as with any other dietary supplements, increased dosage may prove harmful. Therefore, you are advised to consult your doctor before you start using them.

Retinyl palmitate supplements also play a major part in producing retinoic acid in our system. This acid helps in the proper functioning of epithelial cells and builds a strong and defensive immunity system line that can be found in the lungs, trachea, skin and gastrointestinal tract.

Retinyl Palmitate For Skin Care

Retinyl palmitate supplements also have its advantages when it comes to skin care. It is an active ingredient in many cosmetics products.

When applied topically, retinyl palmitate can improve acne and skin tone. Taking a retinyl palmitate supplement will help absorb the oil in the skin pores, thus reducing acne.

If you wish to try retinyl palmitate supplements for skin care, then it is advised not to do so for long time as it may cause desquamation. This condition occurs when the outermost skin layer begins to shed. If this condition is persistent, seek medical help immediately.

Retinyl Palmitate Side Effects and Dosage

As with any other dietary supplements, overdose of retinyl palmitate supplements may cause adverse side effects. Continuous use of this supplement may result in fatigue, irritability, stomach upset, mental changes, mild increase in body temperature, perspiration, nausea and many other side effects.

According to the National Institutes of Health, women who take retinyl palmitate supplements after their menopause may experience higher chances of osteoporosis or hip fissure.

In addition to these side effects, taking any other medicine with retinyl palmitate supplements may cause unwanted interactions. Therefore, it is vital that you seek counseling from a professional dietician or your medical practitioner before adding them as dietary supplements.

If you wish to take retinyl palmitate, the recommended dosage for adults is about 3300(IU) or about 900mcg according to an article by Shannon Clark, Health Correspondent for the Ask Men website.

According to the FDA, the use of retinyl palmitate supplements are harmless within the accepted dosage or that prescribed by your physician. Remember, overdose can lead to toxicity.

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