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Test Kits

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Test kits are available for a variety of concerns in relation to health and nutrition. While there are uncountable medical conditions that need to be diagnosed by a doctor or other medical professional, some can be easily detected with a simple test kit. Some test kits require you to ship your test results to a lab while others can provide you with nearly instant answers.

There are different reasons you may want to use a test kit instead of visiting a doctor for the initial results. You may feel embarrassed by your concerns, or you may not have the money to pay for a doctor. Regardless of your reasons, there are numerous test kits available for your convenience.

For your best interest, you should always follow up with your doctor after you get the results of your home test. If your test is negative (which means you don’t have a certain condition) then you may not need to consult with your doctor unless symptoms continue. However, if your test results come back positive, it may be beneficial to visit your physician and show him or her the results.

Diagnosing a condition is only part of the battle. Once you have diagnosed it then you need to treat it. That is why you need to see your doctor with your test results. In most cases a test kit is only intended to be your initial diagnosis and your doctor will determine your prognosis.

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Test Kits and Benefits There are a few different benefits to test kits: Cost: Test kits may be relatively inexpensive in comparison to a doctor’s visit and lab fees, especially if you don’t have insurance. This may also be the case even if you have insurance, but you have a high de... more

Test Kits and Benefits

There are a few different benefits to test kits:

  • Cost: Test kits may be relatively inexpensive in comparison to a doctor’s visit and lab fees, especially if you don’t have insurance. This may also be the case even if you have insurance, but you have a high deductible that has not yet been met.
  • Privacy: Test kits also give you the benefit of privacy. You will be the first person to receive your results, versus waiting for someone else to give you the news. Depending on the type of condition you may have, you may want some time coming to terms with the news before discussing it with someone else, even if that someone else is your medical care practitioner.
  • Peace of mind: Another reason test kits may be beneficial is because they can provide you with peace of mind. If you are struggling with wonder as to whether you have a certain condition or not, a test kit can help you get your answer promptly so that you can start to make decisions.

For example, imagine thinking you may be pregnant but not knowing for sure. If you have some common pregnancy symptoms but mentally you aren’t sure, then you could have a lot of anxiety that is fraught with not knowing.

By taking a home pregnancy test kit, you can know within minutes if you are or are not pregnant, alleviating your worries of the unknown and allowing you to start making decisions based on reality. With something such as a pregnancy home test kit, you can also get the result much faster than waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Test Kits Side Effects

There are very few side effects for test kits. Although, there are many test kits available and they do not all have the same requirements. Some test kits may require a urine sample, others may require a saliva sample, and yet others may require a blood sample. Some test kits may simply require a breathalyzer, such as an alcohol test kit.

Since most test kits are fairly simple to use, there are few risks to them. If you are instructed to drink something medicinal prior to taking the test kit, you may want to consult first with your doctor to confirm the potential side effects. Other than that, the only serious dangers to test kits may be getting erroneous results or not having medical staff nearby for support.

For example, if your test kit comes back and says you are positive for diabetes, you may start to change your dietary habits to a standard that is not healthy for you. Instead of assuming the test kit is correct, you should schedule an appointment to see your doctor and confirm the diagnosis. From there you can learn how to manage your medical condition properly.

If the test kit comes back with either a positive or negative reading, your life can change drastically, even if it’s only for a couple of weeks while waiting to get a second opinion. Errors can happen with test kits, although errors can happen in the doctor’s office as well.

The other downside mentioned above is the lack of medical support on hand. If you test positive for cancer, you may not react to the news well. You may become distraught and irrational out of fear or anger. If you are in a doctor’s office when the news is delivered, then you will be given a recommended path of treatment and some feeling of security if any.

Test Kits Usage

Every test kit is going to be different. From requiring a droplet of blood to an ounce of urine, your test kit dosage is going to depend completely on the test that you are taking. You should always read the instructions prior to undergoing any test kit.

Some test kits you may be able to use are for alcohol, drugs, allergies, anemia, blood type, cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, and pregnancy. Test kits can be a quick way of getting answers so you can start making plans and putting your mind at ease.

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