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Xantheose, or theobromine, comes from the cacao plant. It is a bitter alkaloid that is used in various food items. It is also used in supplements for various medical conditions.

Theobromine does not contain any bromine, despite its name, and it is important not to confuse theobromine with bromine, which is used as a flame retardant. It is also found in gasoline and pesticides. Bromide compounds are also simple salts that can be used as anticonvulsants, but they should not be used for a long period of time.

Although theobromine is found naturally in cacao plants, there are some possible side effects you can get from using theobromine supplements. While theobromine is generally considered safe for humans in very small doses, it is very dangerous for other animals. Dogs, for instance, can die from foods that contain even a tiny amount of theobromine.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Theobromine Benefits Theobromine has been used medically to treat edema and angina. At one point it was used for circulatory problems and hypertension as well. Today, theobromine supplements may be used to widen blood vessels and reduce your blood pressure. It can also be used to stimulate... more

Theobromine Benefits

Theobromine has been used medically to treat edema and angina. At one point it was used for circulatory problems and hypertension as well. Today, theobromine supplements may be used to widen blood vessels and reduce your blood pressure. It can also be used to stimulate your heart.

Current research is studying the possible value of theobromine supplements as a drug to prevent cancer. However, theobromine has also been considered a risk as an increase to certain cancers, such as prostate cancer. Even though there is a patent on theobromine as a cancer prevention drug, more studies are needed.

It is also used as a cough suppressant and can also benefit asthma sufferers. It is even possible that theobromine may help reduce birth defects, but that is still not clearly evidenced. Studies have shown a decrease in birth defects in lab animals, but only with rabbits and not with rats.

One of the biggest uses of theobromine supplements is as a diuretic. Diuretics help you eliminate urine, which can flush toxins from your body and help you with weight loss as well. However, diuretics can also lead to dehydration and other complications, so they should not be used regularly without a doctor’s advice.

Theobromine Side Effects

Although theobromine does have some valuable benefits, there are also side effects from taking theobromine. In small doses it is considered to be generally safe. However, theobromine can cause genetic mutations and introduce bacteria to your body.

Animals that cannot metabolize theobromine quickly can develop theobromine poisoning. They are then subject to dehydration, a slowed heart rate, excessive stimulation, and problems with digestion. They can also have seizures and can die if they do not receive treatment at the onset of the poisoning.

This is why dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate. Cats are also subject to the same disposition, but since cats don’t generally have a sweet tooth they tend not to want to eat chocolate or food items that contain theobromine. Only 50 grams of theobromine can be fatal in small animals and 400 grams can endanger larger sized pets.

Humans can also get theobromine poisoning, although it takes higher doses. Certain people are at a higher risk, however, such as the elderly, so it is important to avoid consuming large quantities of theobromine.

Side effects from theobromine supplements include an increased heart rate, a drop in blood pressure, and an increased risk of prostate cancer. Also, although theobromine is being studied as a potential aid in reducing birth defects, another risk of taking theobromine is the cause of birth defects.

The birth defect risk is hypospadias and applies to male fetuses. This condition affects the male’s uretha, causing the opening to appear anywhere along the groove of the penis but not at the tip.

Although theobromine supplements are a diuretic, in some cases it can actually cause the production of your urine to increase. Other side effects that are less risky and possibly more common include anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. It can also cause you to lose your appetite, become nauseas, or vomit.

Theobromine Dosage

There is no recommended dosage for theobromine supplements. In fact, since your body does not have any need for theobromine it is not recommended for consumption at all. People who choose to take theobromine supplements should do so at their own risk.

It is important to carefully monitor your intake of theobromine, as too much can be fatal. The most theobromine you should take is 500mg per serving, which you can do up to two times per day.

Since theobromine is found in food items, such as chocolate, certain teas, and kola nuts, you may be taking in more theobromine then you realize. Chocolate food sources that contain theobromine include cocoa, cocoa powder, cocoa cereal, chocolate cakes, chocolate donuts, chocolate ice cream, chocolate shakes, and chocolate milk. Theobromine is even found in carob products.

Therefore, before you begin taking theobromine supplements, be sure to review your daily diet as well. Monitor your intake of theobromine to be sure your consumption is of a safe level. Locate and compare theobromine and other nutritional options with the free supplement finder now!


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