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Tocopherol supplements are generally used to make up for a deficiency of vitamin E. Since vitamin E quickly and easily can dissolve in fat, individuals who eat a high-fat diet are at risk of developing a vitamin E deficiency.

Vitamin E is found in many everyday, healthy foods. Certain meats. Fruits, eggs, vegetables and cereals all contain measurable amounts of vitamin E.

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The onset of vitamin E deficiency is relatively rare in healthy adults and children. However, it is possible for a vitamin E deficiency to occur in the elderly, with individuals who have a genetic disorder, or for an infant that was born severely underweight and premature.

In these cases, a Tocopherol supplement may be beneficial. However, it is always best to discuss the use of a supplement with a medical professional such as a physician, nurse or nutritionist.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Tocopherol Uses Tocopherol supplements have traditionally been used by individuals that are attempting to either treat or possible prevent certain diseases.  Tocopherol supplements are also taken by people who have chest pain, high blood pressure or are trying to prevent heart atta... more

Tocopherol Uses

Tocopherol supplements have traditionally been used by individuals that are attempting to either treat or possible prevent certain diseases. 

  • Tocopherol supplements are also taken by people who have chest pain, high blood pressure or are trying to prevent heart attacks and blocked arteries.
  • In addition, individuals who suffer from diabetes and are trying to control the symptoms can consume Tocopherol supplements.
  • Tocopherol supplements can also be taken to help prevent certain cancers, especially cancers that result from smoking, such as oral cancer, cancer of the tongue and lung cancer. Taking Tocopherol supplements can prevent other cancers, such as prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.
  • Individuals can also take Tocopherol supplements for brain and nervous system diseases. These include dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Other uses of Tocopherol supplements include helping prevent cramps, restless legs, as well as epilepsy. In addition, pregnant women can take Tocopherol supplements in the third trimester to help control high blood pressure that can lead to pre-eclampsia.

Dialysis and cancer patients can take Tocopherol supplements, as it helps to lessen the damaging effects of the radiation.

On the weightlifting side of things, Tocopherol supplements can help individuals improve their overall endurance, as it can increase energy. Tocopherol also helps muscles recover quicker after a workout, and provide an overall increase in muscle mass and strength.

Tocopherol Warnings and Side Effects

Taking Tocopherol supplements are generally safe to do if taken properly and under a physician’s direction. Most healthy people can benefit from a Tocopherol supplement due to the vitamin E content.

It is very rare for a healthy individual to experience any negative side effects when taking the correct daily recommended dosage of Tocopherol supplements orally, which is approximately 15 mg per day.

However, side effects can occur if too much vitamin E is consumed. In addition, individuals with a heart disease or diabetes should not take too many Tocopherol supplements. They should talk to a doctor first to make sure there are no risks involved.

In addition, taking too much vitamin E can cause an upset stomach. This may be accompanied by headaches, nausea, extreme fatigue, as well as possible bleeding.  If you experience any of these symptoms when taking Tocopherol supplements, call a doctor.

Pregnant women can take the recommended daily amount of vitamin E in a Tocopherol supplement if approved by a physician during the second trimester or later. It should not be taken in the first trimester.

Individuals with a documented vitamin K deficiency should not take Tocopherol supplements because vitamin E can cause blood clots.

Tocopherol supplements should also not be taken by a patient who is having any type of heart surgery, as vitamin E is known to cause reduced healing times.  Finally, any individual who has any type of bleeding disorder should not take any supplement that contains vitamin E, as it may make the bleeding more severe.

Tocopherol Supplement Dosage Recommendations

The amount of vitamin E that should be taken on a daily basis depends greatly on the type of individual taking the supplements. Individuals who are working with a physician to combat a vitamin E deficiency should general take no more than 75 IU’s per day.

A man looking to improve his fertility can consume up to 600 IU’s per day. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease can be given up to 2000 IU’s of Vitamin E every day. It is best to talk to your physician to determine to correct amount for you, as every person has different needs.

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