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Tribulus supplements are only now gaining popularity in the United States. For a long time this remedy was only seen in countries that heavily practice herbal medicine.

While it is most commonly known for its ability to correct certain male sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction, tribulus can also be used enhance muscle growth. It is also known under several common names, such as cathead, caltrop and burra gokhara.

The tribulus supplement is derived from a weed-like, flowering plant, Tribulus terrestris, which originates out of a diverse range of tropical climates. It is predominately from Asia; however, it can also be found growing in Europe, Australia and Africa. The plant produces small, sharply pointed seeds when the fruit finally falls open. These seeds are then used to formulate the herbal supplement.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Tribulus Benefits The measurable benefit when taking a Tribulus supplement is an increase in testosterone in the blood. The results of at least one study have shown that it can increase free testosterone by 41%. In addition to the increased production of testosterone, tribulus also stimula... more

Tribulus Benefits

The measurable benefit when taking a Tribulus supplement is an increase in testosterone in the blood. The results of at least one study have shown that it can increase free testosterone by 41%. In addition to the increased production of testosterone, tribulus also stimulates a considerable increase in the LH levels of up to almost 70% -- the LH levels in the body control the amount of testosterone that it is able to produce.

An increase in testosterone makes this supplement very attractive to bodybuilders. Tribulus is a relatively harmless herbal supplement that can be combined with other muscle building and fat loss supplements. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly more popular among the weight training community because it can help pack on the muscle at a much faster rate.

Aside from its ability to stimulate muscle growth, tribulus is has also been widely used to increase male libido, erection length and sperm count. Tribulus terrestris has also been used around the world as an anti-inflammatory agent, diuretic, antiseptic and even a mood enhancer.

Tribulus Side Effects

As of the moment, there are no known severe side effects from supplementing with tribulus. However, it is important to note that everyone reacts differently to herbal remedies.

While the actual herb itself is not reported to have caused any adverse reactions, it is possible to react to the inactive ingredients in the supplement. For instance, some of the tribulus supplements on the market are formulated with whey protein. If you have any food allergies, especially to milk, you should consult your physician before incorporating tribulus into your diet.

Due to the fact that tribulus is meant to increase the levels of testosterone in the body it has the potential to also increase aggression. However, this is not a widely experienced side effect of taking the supplement as tribulus only stimulates the body to produce a naturally occurring amount of testosterone; it does not place additional hormones into the body. For this reason, the only people who should be concerned about an increased amount of aggression are those who are already have a natural predisposition to it in the first place.

A small percentage of people who use tribulus report a minimal amount of gastrointestinal upset. Most symptoms, such as bloating and gas, go away after the body adjusts to the supplement. If they persist longer than a week, or are incredibly bothersome, you should stop use and consult with your doctor.

Tribulus Supplemental Considerations

It is important to note that tribulus does not work for everyone. Some people may only see minimal effects after adding it to their supplement regimen, while other may not see any results at all. In order to get the most out of tribulus it is imperative to obtain the supplement from a reputable source that only uses quality ingredients.

If you are planning on taking tribulus to enhance low libido, correct erectile dysfunction, or for any mood-related problem you should always consult with your physician beforehand. The above problems are typically symptoms of an underlying cause, and you cannot erase the symptoms if you do not know the root of the problem in the first place.

Tribulus Dosage

Most sources agree that the body should receive between 750mg to 1500mg per dose for the supplement to have any noticeable results. As with all supplements, the highest dosage may not be the best amount for you if you have never taken it before. Taking over the recommended amount will not do anything for your body as it induces the body to release testosterone that it naturally has; tribulus does not magically put more into the body.

Tribulus supplements are not known to contraindicate with any nutrients. Tribulus should be taken with food to reduce the possibility of stomach pain, nausea or vomiting. It can be taken 3-4 times a day, before or after your meals.

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