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Absolo History and Development

Joe and Chris Arsenault were always game for a good workout and they often liked to team up together to get it. One day, while doing some abdominal workouts, more pointedly the medicine ball toss, they both agreed that while the ball toss was an excellent form of abdominal exercise, it would be literally impossible to get this sort of exercise alone.

That was the spark behind the Absolo. Chris Arsenault went to work immediately on developing a machine that would give the person using that machine a medicine ball toss workout without the need for another person. For the next few years, Chris continued to hone the design of the machine while consulting with his brother Joe.

5 years later, Chris and Joe introduced the Absolo. This machine has taken abdominal exercises to entirely new level. With the Absolo, you can get an effective abdominal workout by yourself without the need of working out in pairs.

Absolo Design

The basic premise behind the Absolo is actually quite simple. Basically, you sit in a chair similar to an abdominal bench. With your feet secure on the foot plate, you take the medicine ball and toss it upwards into the shoot.

At this point you grab the second medicine ball and move back and down on the abdominal bench with the medicine ball lifted above your head. Then you move back up as you would when doing a sit up, throw the medicine ball back in the shoot and repeat.

Absolo and Abdominal Exercises

Having great looking abs is a staple mark of the perfect picture of fitness. Muscle bound arms, shoulders and chest might be what most men think when it comes to fitness and muscular legs, well defined arms and a toned back and hips are what most women think of when they picture the perfect body.

However, the abs are one of the few body parts that both men and women include in their envisioning of a fit body. However, exercising your abs is more than just looking good.

The Absolo is a fun way to break up the dull monotony of doing abs crunch after abs crunch. While crunches are certainly beneficial to developing that perfect core, they are nothing if not boring. The Absolo not only keeps abdominal work interesting, but it also helps with upper body strength, spinal flexibility and it is also a great cardio workout as well.

Absolo Tutorital

One of the best and most important things to consider with an Absolo is to understand how it works. The best way to do this is with a tutorial video. These videos can be found all over the Internet as well as at the Absolo website.

You will also want to consider reviews of the Absolo. These reviews will typically fall into two separate categories. The first one will be a professional review. These will be found in fitness publications, fitness websites and the like.

The second type of review on the Absolo will be found in user reviews or user testimonials. While these reviews may include a lot of negatives outside of the control of the Absolo manufacturer, the core of these reviews will normally give you a good idea as to whether the Absolo is a good value and is right for you. Use the workout builder to create a routine that includes the Absolo and other elements for a complete core workout, now!