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Crush Direct’s Promises to Overweight Men

TriMetaLean is often touted as the miracle weight loss supplement you have been waiting for. It claims to speed up a man’s metabolism, reduce the appetite, and clean out the digestive system in order to keep things running smoothly. The supplement formula also gives you a big boost of energy, which is certainly needed for workouts so you can push yourself the extra mile.

TriMetaLean’s tablets are “melt aways”, meaning there is no need to swallow a hard pill, or get a glass of water when it is time to take your “medicine.” This convenient option simply goes in your mouth and melts, making them an extremely convenient form of treatment. The supplements are also said to taste great.

TriMetaLean has a lot of natural ingredients listed on its label. The list of good-for-you ingredients includes acai berries, pomegranates, cinnamon extract, white tea, ginger root, alfalfa, Spirulina, cayenne, shiitake mushrooms and even a “Super Greens Power Blend”. Side effects tend to be less problematic when you deal with natural plants from mother earth, rather than a chemically-made concoction devised in a lab by mankind’s most fanciful dreamers.

Crush Direct’s Promises to Men Suffering from Sexual Dysfunction

Prolatis has many positive reviews online and some good word of mouth going. It is said to produce a fast sexual response, in as little as two hours after ingestion. The treatment is also discreet, as it only requires 1-2 pills, two hours prior to sexual activity.

This means no messy creams to apply, no patches to wear and no gadgets like pumps to worry about. The product contains many natural ingredients as well as L-arginine, Z3X Nitric Oxide Booster, Prolatis Vitality Blend, and Maca root.

Crush Direct Controversies

One of the biggest negatives for the company is a lack of web presence. There is very little information known about the Crush Direct Company, and only limited testing data has been released. The lack of web presence could also explain why there are so few reviews or testimonials for the products.

Another negative is the fact that the pills don’t really seem to contain anything new to the weight loss and male enhancement supplements market. Very similar ingredients of Prolatis are used in other male supplements on the market that do not claim to work in such a short period of time.

TriMetaLean has caffeine and white tea which are both considered stimulants. These ingredients can cause side effects such as nausea, dizziness, jitters, insomnia and headaches. These supplements are also advised not to be taken by those with certain diseases or conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, or diabetes without first talking to a doctor.  

Unfortunately, as there is no way to patent natural plants, big business tends not to pay them very much regard. This means there are fewer studies done on herbal products, and thus less is known about various ingredients. Many people are currently singing the praises of natural supplements like TriMetaLean and Prolatis, claiming they do everything they say, and that they do lead to weight loss and better sexual side effects.

Of course, one has to give thought to the sexual capacity of the average healthy man. When he eats right and exercises, his sex life can drastically improve and the weight will gradually come off. Still, it’s difficult to argue against the scientific theories and some of the ingredients listed, which have been studied to improve sexual function and muscle building under some circumstances. 

Remember though that every person’s body is different and that is why some supplement products cause very different results among many groups of people. Crush Direct does stick to a natural list of ingredients and this is promising news for men who have tried chemically-based weight loss pills and regretted their decision.

The only way to truly find out what works for you and what doesn’t is to try supplemental products and note the effects, always acting in a safe and responsible manner. Find and compare Crush Direct and other product by using the free supplement finder now!

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