5 Free Fitness Coaching Tools

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  • If you’re low on funds but need to invest in your fitness business, check out these five free coaching tools!
  • You’ll find apps and services that help you streamline your digital paperwork, schedule your clients, and keep your resources organized.
  • You’ll also find handy tools for photo and video editing.

Many personal trainers, especially those who are training as a side hustle or are just starting out, may be short on cash to invest in their business.

Luckily, there are numerous free tools out there that will help you streamline and improve how you interact with people — be them your clients, potential clients, or the public in general.

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#1 – SignRequest

You have your clients sign a waiver and PAR-Q, right? In the past, trainers would email them the files, and they would have to digitally sign them themselves or print, scan, and email them back. What a hassle!

With the free plan from SignRequest, all you have to do is upload the two blank forms, click where the new client needs to sign and check, and email it to them. They can easily sign digitally and send it right back to your email inbox. Two clicks later and you’ve moved the signed document into their Google Docs folder.

If you want to upgrade your SignRequest, it will let you customize logos and colors, use templates, and store more documents.

#2 – Calendly

Calendly is great for scheduling check-ins with athletes and consultations/interviews with potential clients. It integrates with your calendar’s availability hours and detects local time zones, and even the free version is highly versatile. All you have to do is send clients your personal Calendly URL, and they’re good to go!

Upgrading your Calendly lets you have more than one event type and more customization.

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#3 – InShot

If you film a lot of videos for your clients from your phone, Inshot is useful. With InShot, you can combine any intro or extro you have saved on your phone with the video, add some text, maybe edit a tiny bit, and then upload it straight to Youtube and Facebook. InShot actually lets you remove their logo in two presses of your thumb.

#4 – IFTTT

If This, Then That is a handy tool that connects services with various applets to make things happen. For example, you could have an applet that will post your Instagram photos as native photos to Twitter if you include the #twitter hashtag in your Instagram post.

There’s an incredible number of applets — from emailing you posts from your favorite Subreddit and alerting you of rain in the forecast, to connecting your IOS Calendar to your Google Calendar.

Just about every service you could think of is included: from the EPA . . . to Chicago Transit Authority . . . to home security services!

#5 – Canva

Canva is a super handy tool for photo editing. You can use it to easily select sizes for just about every social media site, make templates for ebooks and marketing materials, and even create event invitations.

You may search for free photos to use; find a great variety of fonts, templates, and shapes; save brand colors, etc.

What other free tools and services do you find indispensable for your training needs?

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