4 Phases to Build Your Business for Repeat Profit and Growth

Get the Basics...

  • Locate which phase your business is in
  • Don’t skip phases to create artificial progress
  • Partner with an online fitness business platform who can you help scale and make progress

In one of our recent team meetings, we reviewed a presentation by David Skok from Matrix Partners — Building a Repeatable, Scalable & Profitable Growth Process.

David outlined four main phases of finding a repeatable, scalable and profitable growth model:

  1. Close early-access sales.
  2. Make customers successful.
  3. Find predictable and repeatable motion.
  4. Make it scalable and profitable.

We identified our current status as phase two Make the Customers Successful!

In his presentation, David shared a common mistake startups make while they’re in any of these phases:

Trying to force progress by jumping ahead before completing the current phase

This mistake can happen when you scale your sales before reducing churn, so you work hard to make the sale, but fail to retain customers in the long term.

It can also happen if you increase your sales team before your growth process is predictable and repeatable.

Here are the questions we’re asking our team to see how we’re proceeding in phase two:

  • Are we solving a problem/pain point for our clients?
  • Are we adding more revenue to our clients’ businesses than we are costing them?
  • Are we helping our clients build their brand and stand out from competitors?
  • How are we working to understand each client’s specific needs and business model?

We still have a ways to go!

  • What phase of finding a repeatable, scalable and profitable growth model is your company in?
  • What key questions are you asking to keep your business moving in the right direction?

For the full slide deck from David’s presentation, click here.

New Exercise.com for Business Features

UX Improvements

  • Implemented new Trainer Dashboard Overview
  • Added new “Add Exercises” search box to bottom of the workout plan creator day view
  • Optimized process for first-time trainer signup
  • Client Calendar app updates and backward compatibility
  • Updated caching processes
  • Optimized handling of archived exercises
  • Updated tooltips on dashboard views
  • Optimized display of workouts on Journal views
  • Optimized display of pop-up modals
  • Updated handling of image uploads
  • Optimized email list opt-in process for connected email apps
  • Updated links in email templates
  • Updated handling of tags
  • Updated handling of exercise metadata in workout plan creator
  • Updated process for copying exercises
  • Updated handling of purchased upsells
  • Updated handling of error images
  • Updated handling of progression percentages
  • Updated display of unique exercises
  • Optimized 2FA setup
  • Optimized images displayed in apps
  • Updated handling of checkout
  • Laid foundation for custom editing of email templates
  • Updated process for importing assessment responses
  • Updated display of measurement charts
  • Optimized process for adding multiple exercises to a workout

Coming Soon

  • Client Workout Calendars
  • Optimized Exercise Database