3 Simple Building Blocks for a Compelling Sales Story

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  • Of all the sales weapons in our arsenal, none is more important than the sales story.
  • A compelling sales story will attract prospects whose why aligns with the story you’re telling.
  • Client issues are the first building block and the bedrock of a compelling sales story.

Every company is telling a story. The only question is whether you are being intentional in telling a good story. It is incorporated in one way or another in every thread of our company.

In New Sales. Simplified.Mike Weinberg says, “Of all the sales weapons in our arsenal, none is more important than the sales story.”

He goes on later, “A powerful sales story can change the attitude and outlook of an entire organization.” But it can also do the heavy lifting of attracting prospects whose why aligns with the story your company is telling. 

As you start to craft your company’s sales story, there is one overarching maxim you should remember: your story is not about you. Weinberg says, “No one cares what we do, how smart we are, or how special we think our company is. . . . Prospects are interested in one thing: What’s in it for them.”

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3 Building Blocks for a Good Sales Story

The three building blocks for a successful sales story are:

  • Client issues addressed
  • Offerings
  • Differentiators

Client Issues

Client issues are the first building block and the bedrock of a compelling sales story. You can break it down further this way:

  • Client pains we remove
  • Client problems we solve
  • Opportunities we help clients capture
  • Results we achieve for clients

Notice with each of those the client is at the forefront. You’re carefully crafting a story that addresses the very real needs, pains, and problems that your clients face.

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You then move on to show what kind of opportunities they’ve missed by not having the pain point or problem solved and the result they can expect.

This part of your story should be laser focused and, as we said above, woven into everything — your copy, sales pitches, outreach emails, marketing, and the way your company discusses its products and services.

Offerings and Differentiators

The final two can be discussed together. You must be able to articulate your offerings and differentiators. We’ve done this as a team by using the blue ocean strategy. You can create your own “strategy canvas” to define your core offerings and differentiators.

Once you know what those are, you can start tying them back into “client issues addressed” stage. Think about how your offerings and differentiators help your customers as it relates to the four client issues bullet points above.

Again remember this story isn’t about you. It’s about your clients!

Have you ever thought about your business within this frame? What could be an immediate action you could take as it relates to creating a compelling sales story?

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