Many people who are interested in getting fit and improving their appearance want to focus on their midsection when they are working out.

Getting a flat stomach or a well-defined six pack is a goal for active people.

Before you can reach your goal, you will need to discover how do you workout abs.

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Working on your midsection is something you can accomplish by scheduling workout sessions on alternate days.

Your body needs to have a rest in between workouts so that your muscles have the chance to recover from the demands that have been placed on them during your workout sessions.

To get good results with your abdominal exercises, plan to do up to three sets for each exercise. A set should be between 12-16 repetitions.

How do I get started on an abs workout?

Before you start any kind of exercise program, check with your doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to do so. Be sure to ask your doctor about any restrictions on your exercise routine.

Once you get permission to go ahead, start slowly. The idea is to challenge your muscles without causing injury. You should move your abdominal muscles until you start to feel a pull, but not to the point where you are experiencing pain.

After you have been working out for awhile, you will find that the exercises get easier. At that point, you can continue to challenge yourself by moving from one set to two (or two sets to three). You can also get a more effective workout by using a dumbbell or a plate to certain exercises, such as crunches, to make them more challenging.

How can you use an exercise ball for crunches?

Investing in an exercise ball for personal use, or using one at the gym, is a great way to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. One of the exercises you can do with your exercise ball is crunches. Sit on top of the ball with your feel flat on the floor and the ball positioned against your mid to lower back. Your hands should be placed behind your head or across your chest.

To perform a crunch on an exercise ball, use your abdominal muscles to lift your upper body up and off of it. As you pull yourself up, make sure that you keep the ball still.

What are some advanced abs workout exercises you can do with an exercise ball?

Once you get to the point where doing crunches on an exercise ball is relatively easy, you can move on to some more advanced options. One that you may want to try is an advanced crunch where you hold a weight during the activity.

Start by sitting on top of the ball with your feet flat on the floor. Use your abdominal muscles to help you raise the weight directly up over your head. Once the weight is in position, crunch to the right for the number of reps in your set. When you have finished the movements to the right, repeat on the left side.

Not all exercises for your abdomen that involve using an exercise ball involve sitting on top of it:

  • Leg Lift: You can also work out this part of your body by lying on your side and placing the exercise ball between your shins. Squeeze your legs slightly to hold the ball in place. Use your inner thighs to help you lift the exercise ball up into the air. Lower it back to the floor and repeat this movement for between 10-12 repetitions before switching sides.
  • Jacknife: Another exercise that targets your abdominal muscles using an exercise ball is to place your hands on the floor and legs on top of the ball. If you are in position for this exercise correctly, it will look like you are about to do a push-up. Next, use your feet to bring the ball forward, toward your hands. Your abdominal muscles will be pulled into a crunch. For a more challenging exercise, try keeping your legs straight as you pull the ball up toward your head.

If you are wondering how to workout abs, the exercises listed above will help you strengthen this part of your body. Using an exercise ball to exercise your abs is a fun way to help you keep your balance while you are doing crunches and other ab-tightening exercises. Doing them will help you to have better posture and make it easier for you to perform your everyday activities.