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How Much Omega 3 Is in Seal Oil?

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • Manufacturers of seal oil products are the only official sources for seal oil so it is difficult to find straight answers regarding how much omega is in sea oil.
  • Manufacturers can make claims about seal oil but knowledge of omega fatty acids and foods that contain omega can help one see the real truth in these claims.
  • Due to the lack of reputable information about seal oil, it might be better to find omega 3 acids from other well-known sources of food.

It is difficult to find a straight answer regarding how much omega is in seal oil.

Manufacturers that use seal oil as an ingredient for omega 3 supplements claim that it has up to ten times more omega than other fish.

However, they aren’t specific as to what fish.

Dr. Andrew Weil M.D. recommends eating salmon, which provides you with 1.9 grams of fatty acids per three ounces according to the American Heart Association.

Flounder has the least amount of omega 3 with less than 1/2 a gram per three ounces.

So when a manufacturer says that seal oil has up to ten times more fatty acid than other fish, it is entirely possible that they mean ten times more than what you will find in flounder and not compared to what you will find in salmon. It is important to know which seafoods have more omega 3 than others and the benefits of omega fatty acids in general.

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Are Seal Oil Supplements Safe to Use?

There isn’t any data that suggests that using seal oil is bad for you. Conversely, there are no published studies to suggest that seal oil is good for you either.

Seal oil does contain long-chain omega 3 fatty acids. These are a source of DHA and EPA fatty acid, which is what your body needs.

Do Manufacturers of Seal Oil Have to Kill Seals to Get the Oil?

Yes, manufacturers of seal oil get that oil from dead seals just like fish oil comes from dead fish. It is important to note that white seals, which are baby seals, are not typically hunted for seal oil.

If you are using a product from a manufacturer not located in the U.S. or Canada, you might want to check the source of the seal oil. You may find that they don’t hunt seal with the same stiff regulations.

In the U.S. you cannot buy seal products such as seal pelts or meat. So far the FDA has not stopped the sale of seal supplements.

How Are the Seals Hunted for Seal Oil?

Seals are usually hunted in what is called a seal hunt. Guns are used to kill the seals rather than fishermen catching them in nets and then killing them later.

Seal hunts are most common in Canada but they aren’t the only country to participate in seal hunts. In Canada, seal hunts are very closely monitored to ensure that the seals are treated humanely during the hunt and that too many seals are not killed so that the population can sustain itself.

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Is Seal Oil the Best Source for Omega Fatty Acids?

The only official sources for information on seal oil are from manufacturers of seal oil. The American Heart Association does not list seal oil as a good source for omega.

Now, this doesn’t mean that seal oil isn’t an acceptable source, however, a lack of data makes it hard to recommend. In fact, the highest source of omega fatty acids, according to the AHA, is salmon. They recommend that you grill the salmon for the most benefit.

Does Seal Oil Taste like Fish like Other Omega Supplements?

According to many of the manufacturers, the answer to this is no. In fact, many claim that this is one of the many reasons that you should choose seal oil- you won’t have that fish taste when you burp.

It is highly recommended that you find a company that is offering a free sample of seal oil before you buy a bottle, however. You never know how your body is going to react to a new product and seal oil tends to be a little more expensive than some of the other options on the market.

Is There a Concern About Mercury in Seal Oil like There Is with Fish Oil?

If you buy a supplement that was manufactured in the U.S., Canada, or the UK, you are probably safe from any mercury exposure at all.

Some manufacturers will try to convince you that they are the only company that uses a process to eliminate mercury from their fish supplements. This is not the case, as all reputable companies do this to protect their customers.

Being a manufacturer in one of these countries doesn’t mean that their products are manufactured there. You need to ensure that the company does not buy its products from another country and then adds its own branding.

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