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  • Substituting protein powder for flour in cookie recipes is a great way to get in your daily protein supplement.
  • It is easy to calculate how much protein powder you need to use in cookie recipes, as long as you know the size of the batch of cookies you are making.
  • Protein powder can also be used in other baking recipes — everything from cakes to breads to muffins.
If you are incorporating protein powder into your cookie recipes, you want to make sure you check for the number of cookies you are making first.

  • If you are making a single batch of cookies, you want to substitute one-third of a cup of protein powder for every one-half of a cup of flour you are using for the recipe.
  • If you are making a double batch of cookies, you would double the amount of protein powder, and so on for the amount of cookies you are making.

You can tailor your recipe according to the type of results you are planning on getting from using protein powder in your recipe.

Daily Burn provides some specific instructions and recipes for baking cookies with protein powder in the batter. And also, just for fun, here’s a video tutorial on how to make a protein powder cookie!

Why should I use protein powder?

People may choose protein powder for their recipes for a variety of reasons.

Doctors may recommend a certain amount of protein powder supplements for an individual in order for them to maintain high protein levels in their body.

Rather than having a protein shake or taking protein pills daily, a person may want to incorporate their protein powder into their baked goods so they don’t have to remember to take a supplement.

This works really well for a parent who is trying to help their child eat healthier.

Protein powder is proven to be a healthier alternative to regular flour in cookie recipes. Not only does it provide the natural nutrients you need for your daily percentage, but it also contains whole grains that add to the healthiness of the recipe.

If you eat a lot of soy-based products, you may purchase a soy protein powder for your cookie recipe in order to complete your soy recipe in addition to keeping your recipe healthy on your diet scale.

In addition to soy protein powders, there are also whey protein powders, egg protein powders, and even hemp protein powders you may use in your baked goods.

What type of protein powder should I use for cookie recipes?

In order to purchase the correct type of protein powder for your cookie recipe or other baked goods recipe, you may want to research the different types of protein powders that are out there. The label will more than likely indicate whether or not the powder can be used for baking.

There are no actual restrictions for which protein powder can be used for these recipes, but some are better than others. 

If you are looking to get a sufficient amount of protein from these baked goods, you want to make sure you are purchasing a high-quality protein powder that will allow you to consume the safest and richest source of protein possible.

Although you want the protein to be enhanced with the type of natural nutrients you need, you also want your cookies to taste good!

Each of the different protein powders will have a different taste and texture, therefore you may want to sample your powder before you use it to bake an entire batch of cookies.

While one powder may be gritty and rich with nutrients, another may be more suitable for a cookie batter with its flour-like texture and bland taste.

While some protein powders are egg-based, soy-based, egg and milk combinations, or whey-based, others may indicate that they are used specifically for baking.

An extra tip to maintaining that well-balanced healthy cookie is to add a little bit of whole grain flour or flax seed meal to your mixture.

Can I use protein powder to make other baked goods?

Protein powder has the right type of baking attributes and nutrients in order to substitute it for flour in other recipes as well.

Whether you are baking a cake, a loaf of banana bread, or even some hearty breakfast muffins, protein powder can serve as a perfectly healthy substitute for flour.

Many people who substitute protein powder for their flour in recipes are looking to maintain a healthy diet or build muscle. Creating a variety of baked goods with the protein powder will allow you to spice things up and never get bored with your diet.

Although there are many options for baked goods, you may want to do some research before adding protein powder to any of your recipes.

Sometimes the combination of protein powder and other ingredients does not work out as successfully as you may think. Also, specific types of protein powders may not work well with certain flavors, such as chocolate.

And don’t forget that adding protein powder to your baked goods, while a fantastic way to keep your diet healthier and interesting, is just one way to maintain total body health. Make sure you’re managing your fitness as well as your diet.

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