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Interview with Bodybuilder Kim Buck

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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Kim Buck, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and sportswear clothing designer, isn’t your average female athlete.

With the combination of strength, beauty, and fashion, she has launched a clothing line for bodybuilders like herself. Her company, Prokutz Fashions, is continuing to grow as the demand for this clothing niche increases.

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Share your background and how you got into bodybuilding

Athletic background – Basketball and Track. So I was already lifting weights as a source of strength training. I already had a love for muscle so getting involved with bodybuilding was easy.

But early on I was in a terrible car accident which left with some life-changing injuries and I used weight training to rehab myself and that really opened my eyes to knowing that this sport was my calling.

What made you decide to launch Prokutz Fashions, and how has that impacted your career in bodybuilding?weightlifting-with-kim-buck

My company Prokutz was my other gift which one really didn’t have anything to do with the other until a couple of years ago. I began sewing many years ago on a whim.

One day out of curiosity I went to the store and purchased a sewing machine and supplies and started sewing and with much practice, I realized I was good at it and I needed to take it seriously and start my own business.

Once I began competing, I realized how hard it was for us bodybuilders to buy clothes off the rack so I began developing clothes for more athletic builds and also began specializing in competition suits. So now my business has blossomed along with my sport.

What are your other talents and hobbies besides designing clothes and lifting weights?

My other hobbies or things I like to do include traveling, reading, movies, sightseeing, and meeting new people.

What is your workout and diet regimen when preparing for a competition, and how drastic is the change from your off-season?bodybuilding-kim-buck

My training leading to the show is pretty much what I follow all year. I love breaking down the bodyparts so I am working one part per day except I may train biceps with triceps.

That works best for me and I keep my reps the same no more than 12. The only adjustment I make is the weight.

Of course, the offseason I am lifting much heavier so the weight is decreased according to my strength at that time. Cardio is also added to my regimen — 45 mins in the morning and 30 to 45 mins in the evening.

As far as diet, I love to use the Ketosis method but if I am doing several shows a year then I alternate my diet with Ketosis or high protein/low carb for my prep.  I find if I do the same diet process every time my body will get used to it and not respond.

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

You ask where do I see myself in five years but I am not sure as far bodybuilding is concerned, I judge that by the year.

But, as far as business, I would love to have my clothing company expand to a household brand.

What advice would you give someone who is considering a career in bodybuilding?clothing-line-of-kim-buck

I advise anyone, male or female, that is thinking about getting into bodybuilding to first go to one or both of the biggest bodybuilding shows like the Arnold or the Olympia.

That will answer a lot of questions for you like do you really have the dedication and determination to work hard enough to compete on those stages. Then get with a few and limited group of people that you can truly trust that can advise you and have your back no matter what!

I truly love what I do with being an IFBB pro bodybuilder and owning Prokutz Fashions. All of these along with the family, friends, and fans keep me motivated and inspired to keep up the good work.

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