Join Tee Major’s 44 Bodyweight Exercise Challenge

To get a body like ACE-GFI and Military Fitness Instructor Tee Major, you’ve got to have more than motivation and stamina. Learning how to perform proper bodyweight exercises is imperative.

That’s why has created Tee Major’s 44 Bodyweight Exercise Challenge.

Guide to Tee Major’s 44 Bodyweight Exercise Challenge

This expert-level challenge is derived from Tee Major’s video “44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever!”

To complete the challenge in its entirety, each competitor must perform one repetition of each of the 44 exercises, focusing on performing with the best form possible.

Want to join the challenge?

Think you’ve got what it takes?

  • Watch the video all the way through to understand just how much you’re signing up for.
  • Start with exercise #1, Mountain Climber.
  • Observe his technique, focusing on the form.
  • Now recreate the move, concentrating on the correct form.
  • Then move on to the next one!
  • Go at a pace that is a challenge, not a strain.

The exercises are grouped into those that can be done without equipment and those that require equipment.

Equipment needed includes the bar, a bench, and a wheel for the Standing Ab Wheel Roll Outs. You’ll want a mat for the BackFlip Burpees.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. User takes challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

More About Tee Major

Tee Major is an ACE Certified Group X Instructor, a United States Military Fitness Instructor, and the founder of Tee Major Fitness.

Be sure to check out Tee’s interview with by clicking here. You can also like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. To watch more videos from Tee, visit his YouTube channel.

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