Molly Galbraith on How Much Weight to Use

This week, the fitness tip from Molly Galbraith of GirlsGoneStrong is on determining how much weight to use for each exercise.

This is something that will vary for every person and also depends on the specific exercise. If you’ve ever needed help determining how much weight to use to challenge but not hurt yourself, this video is for you!

Check out the video below to see Molly’s Week 5 Tip:

To see what kind of workouts Molly Galbraith is doing and see the progress she’s making for each exercise, check out her profile.

As you can see from the picture of Molly’s logged workout below, she tends to write a note under each exercise. This is a great way to remind yourself during your next workout how you felt lifting that particular weight.

If you have missed any of Molly’s previous expert tips, a complete list of them can be found at the bottom of Introducing Fitness Tips with Molly Galbraith.

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