Exercise.com is pleased to announce that we’ll be working with Molly Galbraith, personal trainer and one of the founders of the Girls Gone Strong movement, to bring you weekly fitness tips!

She’s going to cover a variety of topics from nutrition to motivation, and we’re glad to be able to share her expertise with the Exercise.com community!

She wanted a chance to introduce herself before jumping right in. Meet Molly Galbraith:

Don’t forget to visit Molly’s personal web site: MollyGalbraith.com and the Girls Gone Strong Facebook Page!

You can also follow her on Twitter: @MollyGalbraith. We want to thank Molly for her willingness to share her fitness knowledge, and we hope you’re looking forward to the weekly updates as much as we are!

In case you are just joining Exercise.com and Molly Gailbraith’s weekly tips, below are links to her previous tips that she has released in this series of Staying Motivated:

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