Personal Trainer for Women

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  • Many women feel more comfortable working with female personal trainers.
  • Female trainers may be more empathetic than males.
  • Regardless of gender, your personal trainer needs to have the appropriate certification.

You’re a woman who’s ready to lose weight and have decided to hire a personal trainer. You want a trainer who will hold you accountable, motivate you, and support you every step of the way. But who should you hire?

Does your trainer’s gender really make a difference?

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Role of a Personal Trainer

Nowadays, you don’t need to be an A-lister to hire a personal trainer. And although the stereotypical images of men and women dressed in matching tracksuits are long gone, many still wonder whether they should work out with someone of the same gender.

When it comes down to it, your trainer is a personalized fitness coach who is hired for one reason — to help you reach your fitness goals.

Both male and female trainers should ask what you want to achieve from training with them. Are you looking to lose fat, improve endurance, or build lean muscle? Your trainer should then assess your current level of fitness, making note of any physical limitations you may have. They may also measure your body composition, check your weight, and have you perform endurance and strength testing.

Your personal trainer should also help you set both short-term and long-term fitness goals. While reaching your short-term goals can occur in a few weeks, long-term goals happen over an extended period of time. Whether you choose a male or female trainer, you should feel that they are capable of helping you reach your goals.

Personal Trainer Relationships

Throughout your life, you have many different kinds of relationships. When you decide to hire a personal trainer, they automatically become a part of your fitness resources.

As a female, you need to decide what type of relationship you want with your trainer. Will you feel as comfortable with a male as you would a female trainer? Are you looking to keep your relationship on a business level, or are you looking to form new friendships?

Similar to their male counterparts, females usually feel more comfortable opening up to someone of the same gender. It doesn’t matter if it’s about family issues or if they simply feel unattractive that day; talking to someone who has felt the same is helpful.

Skills and Knowledge

Regardless of gender, both male and female trainers should have proper certification through a nationally recognized organization. Are you looking for someone to help you train for a marathon or someone who specializes in group fitness? Regardless of gender, your trainer needs to be versatile.

They should be able to create workout routines that are interesting and keep you motivated. In addition, they should know when to gently push you and when to offer encouragement. If any of these pieces are missing, he or she may not be the right trainer for you.

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From a Female’s Point of View

You waited nine months to hold your bundle of joy. You couldn’t be happier, except that you don’t think you will ever see your abs again. It’s a given that women know what it takes to get in shape after giving birth. They can empathize when you feel like you will never have a flat tummy again.

From this standpoint, it’s easy to see why some women would prefer to have a female trainer. After you have a baby, you may be embarrassed about how you look, and working out with a male may only increase your feelings of insecurity.

But, keep in mind that a personal trainer is hired to do a job, and that’s to help you reach your fitness goals. And while you may feel more comfortable with a female trainer, a qualified male trainer can also help you get back to your pre-baby shape, too.

Choosing a Personal Trainer

Choosing the right personal trainer depends on a lot of things. Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable when working out.

If you feel awkward performing certain exercises with a male trainer, then hiring a female personal trainer is the right thing to do.

The process of finding the right personal trainer shouldn’t be rushed. Make a list of the pros and cons of working with both a female and a male trainer. What are you looking for in a trainer? What role do you feel they should have with regards to your fitness goals?

Gender Equality

While only you can decide what is best for you, gender shouldn’t play the only role when hiring a trainer. While your personal preferences will be the deciding factor, it’s a good idea to interview several prospective trainers before making a final decision. Male or female, the best personal trainer is one who has your best interests at heart.

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