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Personal Trainers and Social Media Marketing

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • 25% of people in fitness & leisure consider themselves seriously invested in social media tools as a self-promotion strategy.
  • Social networking is an important element of self-promotion for any field of work.
  • Over 81% anticipate their social media budgets increasing over the next year.

Social networking is an important promotional tool for everyone from politicians to celebrities to personal trainers.

By connecting with friends, family, colleagues, and more, small-time personal trainers can get quite a bit of self-promotion through social networking, if they know how to use it right. Check out the statistics below regarding social media in the fitness industry.

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Personal Trainers and Social Media

Read on to see how personal trainers, both experienced and those who are just starting out, are using social media to get new clients.

Social Media Statistics for Personal Trainers

25% of people in fitness & leisure consider themselves seriously invested in social media tools as a self-promotion strategy. For nearly one-third of fitness workers (30%), the money spent on promotion through social media has stayed the same over the years. These people are in the minority of personal trainers as far as the financial investment in social networking is concerned.

Nearly half (49%) use YouTube in their social networking strategy. Much more than that (58%) are on LinkedIn, and 61% say they have at least dabbled in social media. That’s a pretty good indication that those who are using it have seen substantial success–at least enough to keep it around.

67% of fitness industry professionals say they’ve spent more money on social media over the last year than in prior years, showing that most personal trainers feel an investment in social networking is a smart investment for their overall popularity and success.

77% use Twitter as a part of their social media regimen.

Over 81% anticipate their social media budgets increasing over the next year. This means that quite a few PTs who have kept their budget the same in the past are seeing the importance of dedicating more funds toward these important promotional tools.

In the highest percentage, 85% use Facebook within their social media marketing strategy.

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Social Media Strategies for Personal Trainers

Different social networking outlets are used for different strategies. Check out how personal trainers use each platform:

  • Social Media Tools: Twitter and Facebook are used to display news and tips and to share media.
  • Online Fitness Communities: These are used to showcase websites, blogs, and products for sale.
  • E-Book Programs: Personal trainers use e-book programs for sharing digital content and e-books, as one might expect.
  • Apps: These are useful for connecting with mobile users as well as for sharing blogs and products. Imagine having a routine for the gym programmed into your phone.
  • Skype: Over Skype, trainers can share routines and fitness tips in real-time with their fans.
  • YouTube: This video website is helpful for sharing routines too, as well as promoting blogs and personal products.

It’s important to know which strategies are most effective for connecting with different audiences so that efforts aren’t wasted on the wrong platforms. For engaging with existing clients, physical trainers prefer to maintain regular tweets and weekly blogs to keep fans updated. To interact with new clients, personal trainers find that the combination of distributing a regular newsletter and holding seminars peaks interest. Within the industry, trainers like to stay connected to colleagues and mentors by creating contacts and sharing ideas.

OptumHealth Social Networking Fitness Program

OptumHealth developed a social networking program for fitness. It was called “Fall for Fitness,” and was a 12-week program emphasizing minutes spent exercising, total weight loss, and distance walked (by a pedometer).

Of those who participated in the program, 40% of the newcomers had some high-risk factors for health problems.

  • 70% of users were first-time participants.
  • 80% of participants said that they would get involved with another social networking event, and 90% said they were satisfied with the program overall.
  • The first day of the program resulted in 5% engagement.

Social networking is an important element of self-promotion for any field of work. It may seem contradictory for personal trainers to sit down at a computer and type away to others sitting at their computers. “Where’s the physical activity in that?” you might ask. Well, everyone has to sit down sometime, and many of these social media platforms can be accessed on mobile devices too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do personal trainers need to use social media?

Yes. In this day and age, it is imperative that you use social media if you want to grow your personal training business.

How do I market to potential clients on social media?

Check out our comprehensive list of creative gym marketing ideas. 

Is there software that makes managing social media easy?

Yes! Many companies use applications like Hootsuite to schedule and post content to all social media platforms.

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