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Should your gym be a 24-hour facility?

Converting to 24/7 gym access could help your business generate more revenue. However, some risks of owning a 24-hour gym include added expenses, staffing, emergency planning, and more. Should your gym be a 24-hour facility?'s gym management software can enhance your ability to manage your 24/7 fitness facility while increasing revenue.

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UPDATED: May 17, 2021

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  • Operating a 24-hour fitness facility may require increased expenses, staffing, and access to members.
  • Switching to a 24/7 gym can help you generate more revenue while increasing your clients’ success.
  • Gym management software can improve your ability to manage members and sell products to boost income.

Should your gym be a 24-hour facility? Opening a gym is a challenging task that requires a lot of planning and consideration. With most major decisions come a variety of potential risks and rewards that could influence your final decision. Opening your doors 24 hours per day requires great attention and reporting, all made easier by capable gym management software.

To help you decide if a 24-hour fitness facility is the best route for you, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of owning a 24-hour gym. Learn how you could build a profitable 24-hour gym with less hassle using’s gym management software by booking a demo today.

Should your gym be a 24-Hour facility?

Most gym owners hope to offer unlimited access to their facilities to help draw in more clients. If it could help you make more money, why wouldn’t you? Just like opening your gym for the first time, there are some important questions to ask yourself.

Can you afford it? Do you have enough staff? How will members access the facility during normal off-hours? As a gym owner, you’re the only one that can accurately answer those questions.

What are the benefits of opening a 24-hour gym?

Opening a gym that’s accessible anytime can be a good perk for many people. There are quite a few jobs that require potential customers to work at odd hours where they would only be able to allocate gym time when most facilities are closed.

Is it what members want? If you live in a place where there are many bartenders, nurses, power plant engineers, or other time-demanding jobs, it could prove to be a useful benefit to both you and your members.

In many cases, people will pursue a gym that can accommodate those odd hours, but they might not use them as frequently as they anticipated. As a gym owner, this can be a good thing. You still get paid without as much usage which prolongs your investment in machines, weights, and other necessary equipment.


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What are the risks of opening a 24-hour gym?

For business owners, almost any time you make major changes to increase revenue, there is inherent risk. There are a few 24-hour access risks to consider:

  • Increased costs for facility operation (electric, water, etc.)
  • Staffing
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Access method(s)
  • Emergency plans

Opening your doors for unlimited access might mean you’ll see an increase in your utility bills and the associated maintenance for light bulbs, air conditioning, and so on. If you choose to staff your facility through all hours, you can expect a significant increase in expenses.

If you don’t staff your facility 24/7, theft and vandalism become potential concerns. Providing access to your gym during off-hours is another consideration that might go underlooked. How do 24-hour gyms work? You’ll have the option of keeping a staff member on-site at all times or providing entry via a membership card.

If you’re looking to minimize expenses by limiting or bypassing overnight staffing, you’ll need a reliable system in place to be sure your members can gain access to the facility when nobody is around. Fortunately, has you covered with the Kisi 24/7 Gym Access Control Integration.

Should my gym go 24/7?

Choosing to offer unlimited gym access means looking out for the risks and considering the benefits of 24-hour gyms for professionals. In some cases, you’ll have the potential to make more money, but it’s important to have a plan in place.

Should your gym be a 24-hour facility? Operating a 24-hour fitness facility is easier with powerful gym management software. Learn how can help guide your 24/7 gym to success by booking a demo today.

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