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What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • Working out with a personal trainer delivers better results than when clients work out on their own.
  • Personal trainers also help keep injury risks low.
  • Personal trainers provide knowledge and insights clients find valuable.

Seeing a business card or other advertisement for a personal trainer may lead you to think about booking sessions. Personal trainers commonly offer fair session rates and flexible scheduling, which makes would-be clients more likely to sign up. Even when a trainer presents a truly solid deal on sessions, you may remain on the fence about actually booking hourly sessions.

The easiest way to sway your decision toward an affirmative decision about hiring a trainer involves little more than looking at the many positive benefits to hiring one.

The benefits are vast. A personal trainer does more than assisting with a workout. An effective trainer plays a major role in ensuring the client gets more of what he/she expects.

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The Chances of Seeing Results Increase

People seeking out a personal trainer want to see results. They probably spent a lot of time working out already and discover results can be elusive without the right training approach.

Some wonder why they train consistently and can’t seem to develop the physique they want. A clear reason usually exists. The combination of the wrong diet and an improper or inefficient workout program undermine results. A skilled personal trainer can help a client get on the right track and see both short-term and long-term results.

An Original and Appropriate Program Design

Choosing particular exercises, even extra-beneficial ones, cannot be done at random. Exercises must be chosen with a proper program design in mind. Program design follows establishing some basic stats about a client’s current level of fitness and strength.

The trainer also listens to the client’s stated goals. When you convey your needs — fat loss, strength building, and more — a personal trainer can work to craft an appropriate program to meet those goals. Following the detailed program should lead to results.

Arriving at Faster Results

Overnight results are not possible. Training programs claiming to deliver overnight results generally aren’t good ones. The best approach to losing weight and building muscle entails taking part in a complete changeover to a healthier lifestyle. Once put on the right path, results become evident a lot quicker. Since a personal trainer possesses a great deal of knowledge about getting people on the best path possible, he/she could craft a good program that leads to faster, better results.

Engaging in Safer Workouts

Proper instruction that teaches basic form, at a bare minimum, helps cut down on injuries. Simply placing the bar in an improper position during a squat can lead someone to stumble, causing a major injury. Other things to beware of include:

  • Lifting too heavy an amount of weight
  • Prematurely performing intermediate and advanced workouts
  • Working out unsupervised
  • Exercising too long and too frequently
  • Not warming up properly beforehand

Small errors are not so small when they set up potentially big mishaps. Even missing one element of proper form could be more than enough to suffer a serious injury when performing a deadlift. A skilled trainer keeps safety in mind and won’t lead clients down a risky, unhelpful path.

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Personal Trainers Inspire and Motivate

Personal trainers show the value of living a fitter and healthier life. They show there is more to working out than just gaining physical benefits. Sticking with a trainer for many months leads to a better understanding of a fit lifestyle. Revelations such as how working out helps with self-esteem and disease prevention become clear.

Personal trainers, themselves, are people who stuck with working out for years and years. They, too, go through periods where they don’t want to work out too hard and feel a little less than motivated. So, they know how to perk people back up to feel motivated to work hard in the gym.

Personal Trainers Make Things Fun

Working out can be intense, but this doesn’t mean sessions feel like a grind. Trainers know when to shake up a workout. Maybe the time is right to move away from free weights and try out kettlebells or plyometric exercises. Trainers understand clients need to be psychologically motivated to succeed. Boredom can ruin a mental outlook on exercising. Trainers keep things upbeat and moving, which replaces boredom with fun.

Personal Trainers are a Source of Knowledge

Knowledge sets the path to eating right, working out effectively, and improving conditioning. Reading books and watching online videos positively helps the cause of boosting knowledge, but nothing replaces having access to an experienced expert.

Personal trainers can answer direct, personalized questions about many areas of fitness.

The knowledge base of a personal trainer serves another important purpose. A trainer can steer you away from bad fitness advice. Fad diets and odd workout plans abound. A trainer knows which ones possess value and which should be avoided.

Looking for a Trainer

Personal trainers can only be effective after you hire one. Start looking around for a top personal trainer in your area. Many advertise on online classified ads. Others leave business cards at the front desk of local gyms. And you can always ask people in the gym if they know of a good trainer. Start looking right away! Once you start working out with a pro, all the previously mentioned benefits and more become accessible.

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