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What kind of exercise should you do when pregnant?

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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If you have just been told that you are expecting a baby, congratulations!

There are a lot of things you should discuss with your doctor during this special time in your life, and one of them is what kind of exercises you should do while pregnant. Women who are already physically active and not displaying signs of fetal distress, such as bleeding, can continue to exercise throughout pregnancy. Doing so may mean a shorter labor and easier delivery.

Women who are physically fit tend to recover more quickly after childbirth than those who are not physically active on a regular basis.

There are some types of exercise that are not recommended during pregnancy, due to the risk of falling. If you have previously enjoyed horseback riding, cycling, rollerblading, or skiing, you should probably stop doing these activities until after the baby has arrived. However, there are some great choices to keep you fit throughout your pregnancy.

But before we discuss which workouts are okay, learn more about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy from Momlovesbest.com and then sign up for a PRO membership with us for access to pregnancy-specific workout routines!

Can I Still Walk or Jog While I’m Pregnant?

Walking and jogging are great aerobic activities, and all you need to get started is a sturdy pair of shoes. If you weren’t active before you found out that you were expecting, start by going for a brisk walk several times a week. It will help you look and feel good while you wait for the arrival of the new member of the family.

Experienced joggers can continue to run, but you may find that you need to slow your pace as your due date approaches. Women in the later stages of pregnancy tend to be a little less graceful due to their baby bump. The ligaments in the pelvis also relax in preparation for delivery, which can contribute to general clumsiness.

Alter your running workout routine based on your physical health and doctor’s advice.

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Can I Still Swim While I’m Pregnant?

Getting into the pool is a great choice for pregnant women. It is considered a safe and effective way for staying fit. Swimming works the large muscle groups in your arms and legs, and it also provides a great cardiovascular workout.

When you get to the later stages of pregnancy, being in the water will help you feel weightless in a way that being on dry land cannot do. Using the pool provides support for your belly and your muscles in general.

Sign up for an aquafit class if you want a more structured workout. This form of exercise is easier on your joints than trying to do aerobics on dry land. It can even help to combat swelling in your lower limbs, which is a common side effect for pregnant women as they get closer to their due date.

Can I Do Pilates While I’m Pregnant?

If you are looking for a way to build or maintain core muscle strength and increase flexibility, then Pilates is a good choice for you. This method of exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates and was originally devised to be a method of exercising using mats.

Pilates exercises focus on the muscles in the abdomen and pelvic floor. During pregnancy, these muscles can become weakened, but doing Pilates can help to keep them strong.

Part of engaging in Pilates involves learning how to move purposefully and precisely. All of the movements are meant to be done in a controlled manner. Over time, the Pilates student will learn how to move in this manner in her everyday life, not just when she is in class.

Breathing is an important part of studying Pilates. Students are taught to inhale and fully exhale to provide their bodies with plenty of oxygen-rich blood. Pregnant women can benefit from doing so, and they must take great care not to hold their breath while exercising.

If you want to try Pilates during pregnancy, make sure you take classes from a fully qualified instructor who has experience teaching this exercise technique to pregnant women.

Can I Lift Weights While I’m Pregnant?

If you were weight training before your pregnancy and are healthy, you should be able to continue most components of a weight training workout plan, like the dumbbell kickback exercise shown in the video above. Though this video does not show a pregnant woman, this type of workout is still gentle and effective enough if you’re expecting a child.

But before you start an exercise program while pregnant, remember to confirm with your doctor which forms of exercise are safe for you.

He or she can tell you whether your planned activities fit the bill and can offer some alternatives if needed.

Tell your doctor about our workout plans here at Exercise.com. We offer plans that are typically safe for mothers-to-be. Our Women’s Beginner Workout Plan offers low-impact exercises and we also have a Pregnancy Workout Plan.

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