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Humanofort is an extract of chicken embryos that is geared toward growth stimulation. Although humanofort is not going to help you build dramatic muscles it may help you with your workout. As a natural dietary supplement there are little known side effects to taking humanofort.

People may take humanofort for a few different reasons. However, there are no definitive scientific studies to confirm or deny the benefits. Independent studies show that humanofort may aid in several areas, such as for athletic abilities and for anti-aging. More benefits of humanofort can be found in the section below.

The side effects of taking humanofort appear to be minimal, but you should always consult with a medical professional before taking any dietary supplements. Possible side effects and dosage recommendations are discussed later in this article.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Humanofort Benefits Labrada is the company that developed humanofort. Their intention with the humanofort supplement is to give athletes a testosterone boost to help them with their workout as well as to aid in the post workout recovery. Humanofort can reduce post workout lactic acid, whic... more

Humanofort Benefits

Labrada is the company that developed humanofort. Their intention with the humanofort supplement is to give athletes a testosterone boost to help them with their workout as well as to aid in the post workout recovery. Humanofort can reduce post workout lactic acid, which means athletes will have less recovery pain as well as a faster recovery.

The other benefit of testosterone, and therefore humanofort, for athletes and bodybuilders is that it helps burn fat faster. This can also result in increased muscle mass.

Due to the increase in testosterone, other benefits of humanofort may include an increased sex drive. Furthermore, it may increase your sperm count and delay the onset of menopause, both which may aid in reproduction.

The growth factors that work for humanofort as a muscle builder is also why humanofort may be an anti-aging agent. As you get older your hormone levels begin to decrease. By getting doses of humanofort you may be getting the hormones you need to stay younger longer. Humanofort can be taken by both men and women, so both genders can benefit from the supplement.

Humanofort also gives you more energy, helps you sleep longer, and increases your memory. All of these results may also aid in the anti-aging effects that are being touted by users of humanofort.

Humanofort Side Effects

Since humanofort is a natural extract made from embryos, there are no known side effects associated with it. However, humanofort has not been thoroughly tested and therefore should be taken with caution and under your doctor’s advice.

People who should not take humanofort include children and young adults. Pregnant and nursing women should also avoid humanofort, especially since it increases your testosterone. If you have a medical condition or are being treated for certain illnesses such as cancer you should not take humanofort without your doctor’s permission.

Only a few side effects have been reported by humanofort users and they are not considered to be adverse. An increased sex drive, deeper sleep, and a more efficient workout are some of the side effects that can also be considered as benefits of humanofort.

Humanofort Dosage

Determining how much humanofort to take may depend on your weight. It is recommended to follow the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer, but typically you can take anywhere from 100mg to 200mg every day.

If you weigh more than 220 pounds then you may need to increase your humanofort dosage to 300mg a day. In some cases you may need to take 600mg a day in order to see the effects of the humanofort.

Although you can take a couple of hundred milligrams a day of humanofort you should not take it all at once. Instead, you should take humanofort two or three times a day depending on how much you are taking.

Humanofort is typically taken in capsule form and it can be used for a month at a time. However, it is suggested to only take humanofort a few times a year and so you should spend a month taking it and then a couple of months of not taking it.

It is recommended to take humanofort along with food that is high in protein. It is also suggested to take humanofort after you finish working out to aid in your post recovery workout if you are weight lifting

You can take humanofort with other dietary supplements, such as creatine, but you should consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking humanofort if you are on any prescription medications or if you are taking any over the counter supplements. Adverse interactions can occur between any number of dietary supplements and other medications, so you need to be attentive to any allergic reactions or complications you may develop.

If you want to take humanofort for chronic conditions such as heart disease you should discuss possible treatment with your physician. You may also want to approach the idea of humanofort if you suffer from chronic fatigue or have a physical disability where a surplus of energy may aid you.

Since humanofort is natural and does not have any true side effects you may want to try it to see if it can help your athletic performance. However, as a dietary supplement humanofort will work best if it is taken in conjunction with living a healthy lifestyle. Find numerous sources of humanofort with the provided supplement finder now!


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