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  • As a freelance personal trainer, you can work all over the world.
  • Training clients in their homes adds a layer of convenience and comfort.
  • Your clients’ success should always be your top priority.

As a personal trainer, the world is your oyster. No longer are trainers limited to only working in the gym. There are so many different places a trainer can work, and where you work determines the nature of your job. While private studios and gyms sit at the top of the list, there are other places that you’ve probably never even considered.

Community Centers

Working at a community center gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact in your neighborhood. Depending on the type of center, you’ll get to work with a diverse group of people of all ages.

Some centers offer consultations, personal training sessions, group classes, sports, and aquatic classes.

Some community centers also hold special events, which are great opportunities for you to promote yourself and build your brand. Furthermore, you may even qualify for extra perks. Although every center has its own policy, many offer free or reduced memberships to staff members.

In an Apartment Complex

Working in an apartment complex gives you access to a diverse group of people onsite, all of which are eligible to participate in your program. Having this added level of convenience is a great selling point for many people. Based on the needs of the residents, you can tailor workout routines specifically for them. Before starting, check with the property manager to find out more information.

Online Training

Personal trainers are the backbone of every successful client, but in between family commitments and time constraints, many clients have difficulty finding time for the gym. Online personal training takes things to another level. Your reach is almost endless, which means you have the potential to grow your business by leaps and bounds.

With so many fitness trainers joining the online revolution, you’ll be able to keep a competitive edge while benefiting from the latest fitness trends. If you choose to record your sessions as part of your marketing package, it’s possible that you’ll continue to earn money for work you’ve already done.

Corporate Wellness Programs

With so many corporations jumping on the fitness bandwagon, the need for qualified personal trainers is stronger than ever before. Not only do you have ideal work hours, but if you choose to work for a corporate wellness program, you also have an opportunity to create a fitness program strictly for the corporate world.

For example, where else could you create a Lunge and Lunch session with the focus on topics that are important to employees only? Stress management, proper ways of stretching, and exercises you can do while sitting are typically received well.

Cruise Ships and Resorts

Who wouldn’t love sailing the open seas to exotic places? Well, if you choose to work on a cruise ship, you can see the world while doing what you love. Since your clients are on vacation, they will be positive and ready to get fit!

Plus, working on a cruise ship gives you the chance to make money while keeping most of it in your pocket. Every company is different, but many provide staff members with free meals and accommodations. And, everyone knows that the food choices are almost limitless on a cruise!

If you choose to work on an exotic island at a resort, you’ll be privy to their own package of perks. From beautiful surroundings to discounted or free room rates and admittance to resort attractions, working in a resort is a chance of a lifetime.

Outdoor Boot Camps

Outdoor boot camps with music have become all the rage. Body-weight workouts provide everyone with ample space to plank, do burpees, and deadlifts. You have infinite space for classes with the added the bonus of impromptu advertising.

Sport Centers

Not for the timid, you can surround yourself with clients you are as passionate about fitness as you are. Sessions typically include strength, core, power, endurance training. You’ll also be able to educate clients and help them avoid injury. If you love a particular sport, some centers offer sport-specific programs for athletes training for volleyball, swimming, basketball, soccer, and marathon running.

Clients’ Homes

Training clients in their own home adds a layer of comfort and convenience. You can set yourself apart from your competitors by making yourself available when they need you the most.

You can also target individuals who aren’t able to travel, which frequently happens after a sports injury.

If your client is willing to, they can host a fitness party where they invite their friends over for a free training session.

Personal Training Priorities

Knowing where to work is only part of the equation. Choose a place where you can be yourself and enjoy what do you. The next step is being confident in yourself when training your clients. Regardless of where you choose to work, client satisfaction should always be your top priority.

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