Omega 9

Omega 9

Aid Overall Health

Omega-9 is a generic term used to designate a group of unsaturated fatty acids. The five fatty acids in this group are: oleic acid, eicosenoic acid, mead acid, erucic acid, and nervonic acid. Omega-9 acids are used as nutritional supplements as well as a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Omega-9 is considered a nonessential fatty acid because the body can manufacture it from unsaturated fat sources. In fact, in some people whose diets restrict their intake of essential fatty acids, such as vegetarians, Omega-9s can be synthesized from plant sources in order to make up for the deficiency.

Oleic acid is the most commonly known in the industry, being that it is the main component of olive oil. It is the one most often referenced when speaking of nutritional supplements. Erucic acid is also very popular and can be found in mustard, rapeseed, and wallflower.

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Omega-9 Benefits Although omega-9 is considered a nonessential fatty acid, many nutritional supplement manufacturers promote it as an essential fatty acid for people whose diets don't provide enough omega-3s and omega-6s. The reasoning behind doing this is a point of some disagreement amon... more

Omega-9 Benefits

Although omega-9 is considered a nonessential fatty acid, many nutritional supplement manufacturers promote it as an essential fatty acid for people whose diets don't provide enough omega-3s and omega-6s. The reasoning behind doing this is a point of some disagreement among health experts, since omega-3 and omega-6 can also be taken as daily supplements. Regardless, omega-9 can indeed make up for deficiencies of the other two.

Perhaps the most promoted benefit of a daily omega-9 regimen is the fact that helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the system. This is said to help prevent the onset of heart disease, though no direct link between omega-9 and reduced heart disease has been concretely established. For diabetics and others with blood sugar issues, Omega-9 is promoted as a supplement that can help reduce insulin resistance and maintain proper glucose levels in the body.

Omega-9 is promoted as having several other health benefits including helping to reduce hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), improving immune system performance, and even preventing some types of cancers. Such claims, especially the cancer-related ones, should always be taken with a grain of salt. Nutritional supplements are sold as food products rather than pharmaceuticals, so they are not required to undergo the intense scrutiny the FDA requires of drugs. The claims made by supplement makers are generally neither verified nor endorsed by the FDA.

As a weight-loss supplement, omega-9 has no direct benefit, although some indirect benefits are suggested by weight-loss experts. Some of these experts believe that in order to maintain proper body weight, 15% to 20% of our calories should come from fat; of those fat calories, the majority of them should come from essential fatty acids. Those who promote omega 9 for weight loss claim that reducing the overall intake of saturated fats and substituting them with unsaturated fats, like omega-9, will provide the required number of calories while still helping individuals reduce their weight.

Omega-9 Side Effects

Although omega-3 and omega-6 supplements are known to carry some adverse side effects, there are only two such side effects conclusively linked to omega-9. By comparison, they are relatively minor. The first is an increase in inflammation for users already dealing with other underlying conditions. Those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory diseases, for example, may find increased discomfort with the use of a daily omega-9 supplement.

The other side effect has to do with drug interaction for people being treated for variety of blood disorders. Those using anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs are urged to consult their physician before beginning a daily regimen which includes omega-9. Omega-9 may interfere with the operation of such drugs, which can lead to unintended bleeding.

As with any nutritional supplement, consumers are advised to pay close attention to any adverse reactions to Omega-9. If anything out of the ordinary is experienced, discontinue use of the product and consult your doctor for further advice.

Omega-9 Dosage

The daily dosage recommendations for omega-9 depend on the method by which the user intends to consume it. People who choose to get their omega-9 from olive oil are usually instructed to consume 1 to 2 tablespoons of pure virgin olive oil on a daily basis. Those who choose to go the supplement route need only follow the dosage instructions found on the packaging materials.

Experts suggest consuming omega-9 in two or three dosages throughout the day rather than a single dose all at once. Doing so apparently maintains a consistent level of the substance in the system rather than spikes in either direction, which is believed to provide the maximum health benefit.

Omega-9 Sources

There are many food sources of Omega-9 fatty acids for people who are not interested in taking nutritional supplements. Some of those sources are:

  • olive oil
  • almonds
  • peanuts
  • avocados
  • cashews
  • hazelnuts
  • macadamia nuts
  • sesame oil

If you feel that you need to supplement Omega-9 in your diet you can find and compare sources of this nutrient easily. Use the free supplement finder now!


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Cancer Prevention
Lower LDL
Prevents Heart Disease
Reduce Hardening Of The Arteries (Atherosclerosis)
Reduce Insulin Resistance
Regulate Blood Sugar Levels