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Best Member Check-In Software for Gyms (2021)

The best member check-in app for gyms will offer additional services like attendance reports, member management services, and marketing tools. When comparing gym check-in services, you'll notice that some providers don't offer mobile apps, ecommerce solutions, or other features that could improve your gym's revenue. The best gym check-in apps are usually considered some of the top gym management software providers.

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UPDATED: Jun 21, 2021

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  • The best gym check-in apps include data analysis to help improve a gym’s efficiency during high and low volume periods.
  • Gym check-in apps add convenience for your members and staff in case clients lose or forget key cards.
  • All-in-one fitness business software should combine member check-ins with other useful functions like marketing, website design, workout software, and more.

The best member check-in app for gyms will help expedite the member check-in process while adding convenience and helpful tracking. Every gym is different, so you’ll need to compare fitness software options to find the right check-in platform for your fitness facility.

The best gym check-in system can help save your staff time and effort. This article will share gym management software features, compare gym management software, and help you learn more about gym management software with check-in features.

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The Best Member Check-In App for Gym Owners

Finding the right gym management software or gym check-in software can simplify some of the key day-to-day operations for your gym or fitness business. To make the most of your fitness software, you’ll need to be sure you understand what you’re looking for.

What is gym management software? Gym management software comes in many forms, but in short, it is a platform that helps your gym with everyday operations like check-ins, scheduling, account management, staffing, and more.

Who uses gym management software? In reality, any gym with a plan to grow should be using gym management software of some sort. Small studio gyms might not need as many features as high-volume fitness facilities, but both could still take advantage of many gym management software features.

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The fitness industry has experienced consistent growth since the new millennium. Compared to the year 2000, there were nearly 32 million more gym memberships in 2019 which is just short of double the total number of memberships, according to Statista. With that growth has come competition, so something as simple as a check-in service could be valuable to your gym.

How do you keep track of your gym members?

Tracking your gym members helps you learn about your members’ habits, which helps your business in more ways than you might imagine. Understanding when your volume is highest can help you staff your facility and schedule group exercise classes accordingly. Gym check-in software typically helps to keep member visits organized.

Some facilities still rely on the honor code or something similar to address customer check-ins. A good check-in platform can also help to provide you with alerts on member accounts, birthdays, check-in history, and much more. Better yet, a check-in platform can record all of this information electronically so you can compare hourly, daily, and monthly check-in trends.

With the evolution of mobile phones, it’s becoming more and more important to offer check-ins through a mobile app. A custom-branded fitness app can allow your clients to check in to your facility using a barcode that’s accessible through their app. This helps prevent frustration if a client is in another car or loses a key tag.

What are the best gym check-in software programs?

Member check-ins are an essential part of the best gym management software programs. Some of the top options solely offer check-ins while others will be multi-functional.  Fitness business software can help gym owners and staff spend less time with mundane daily tasks and focus on prioritizing client needs which includes a convenient check-in process.

When considering gym member check-ins, what is the best gym management software? You’ll find that a handful of companies consistently rank as industry leaders for member check-ins and other gym management solutions.

Each of the companies above has a different approach to member check-ins. For example, Mindbody and Vagaro offer mobile check-ins from an app. Glofox provides a check-in kiosk. Zen Planner offers check-in services, but only with some of their upper-level products which will cost more money. In essence, it’s important to decide which check-in style is right for you.

The above gym check-in software providers are also known for offering an assortment of features that help optimize gym management efficiency. Through research, you’ll see that most gym management software options will have limitations in some capacity. offers member check-in features for gyms and does not have caps on how many gym members you can manage.

Additionally, when searching for the best member check-in software, you’ll find quite a few options at different price points. You’ll also find that most companies that provide member check-in services will have more to offer to help your fitness business run smoothly.

If you’re looking strictly for member check-in software, there are some outside companies that provide check-in kiosks that aren’t necessarily associated with gyms or fitness. Some of those options include:

  • OnArrival
  • Guest Manager
  • OneTap
  • Jolly Technologies

These options might be sufficient for your gym or fitness studio but weren’t specifically designed for that setting so there may be some limitations. To get the most out of your member check-in software, it helps to have it connected to other services like member accounts/billing, data reporting, class registration, and so on.

The Best Member Check-In Software: The Bottom Line

Finding a good check-in platform can help to improve customer and staff satisfaction, as there are fewer hiccups when clients simply want to gain access to a service they’ve paid for. Beyond convenience, a strong check-in platform will help gym owners analyze gym traffic and participation trends to plan marketing and staffing accordingly.

The best member check-in app for gym owners will offer far more services than just check-ins. Learn how an all-in-one gym management software service like can boost your gym’s revenue while saving you time and effort by booking a demo today.

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