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How to Increase Your Fitness Class Attendance by 40%

When it comes to ensuring consistent and optimal fitness class attendance, there are many factors that go into making a fitness class successful. This article gives a breakdown on how to increase fitness class attendance through proven methods.

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UPDATED: Mar 29, 2021

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  • Maximizing your fitness class attendance is crucial to short and long-term success.
  • Fitness businesses have seen an increased attendance rate of up to 40% from implementing specific strategies. 
  • For most fitness classes and businesses, a versatile software platform is often needed for management and service offerings.

For any fitness class, one of the main components of success is class attendance. Having a growing and consistent attendance rate is key to steady workflow and revenue. Increasing class attendance can be difficult, though, especially when competitors use some of the same methods or fitness routines. However, there are specific tactics known to increase and maintain class attendance regardless, and effectively implementing them into your classes can boost any class’s success. This article will go over some of the best-known methods for enhancing class attendance and sustainability.

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How to Maximize the Attendance of Any Fitness Class

You’ve taken the necessary steps needed to create your fitness class, but there is one dilemma that you are struggling with — class attendance. Whether you are just starting your fitness class or have one already with recurring attendees, increasing class attendance or even maintaining attendance is no easy feat. Below, we’ll go over some methods that can maximize attendance and take your fitness class to the next level.

#1 – Streamline Fitness Class Sign-Ups

Streamlining the sign-up and payment process for your class can help bring in more class attendees. With clients being able to pay and sign-up for your classes efficiently, they won’t have to think twice or get frustrated about the process. As there can be many different factors in running a fitness class, such as location, time, duration, and setting, designing a sign-up method for clients may not be easy. A fitness business management software platform is often needed to keep everything organized and efficient and thankfully, can help.

The team understands how flexible and efficient signing up for fitness classes needs to be, which is why many sign-up features are included within the software platform. Clients can sign up for classes online, on mobile, or in-person through gym kiosks and users are also able to customize the sign-up process. For example, users can place limits on when members can start to sign up for classes or how frequently classes can get booked.

By utilizing a platform like, you can ensure an efficient sign-up method is available for clients to use, which can help streamline the process and increase attendance in the log-run.

#2 – Hire the Right Instructors

Hiring qualified instructors for fitness classes can be a defining factor in maximizing class attendance. You could have all of the correct pieces in place for a fitness class, but the quality of the class is what determines a successful outcome. The right instructors can ensure classes are being run correctly and help make any fitness class stand out from the rest. Take Village Gym, a popular UK fitness chain, for example. Attendance rates increased by up 40% in some of their fitness clubs, along with increased member retention and referrals when their focus shifted to hiring the right instructors.

In an article by LesMills, Village Gym Leisure Director Chris Southall reiterated a common struggle for fitness professionals when it comes to fitness classes — being unique from competitors. Although their gyms were known for their group exercise offerings, they still struggled to stand out from other fitness clubs offering similar services. Their focus on hiring the right instructors was the key to driving the attendance of their classes.

In finding adequate instructors, you can either locate the best instructors with great credentials in and around your area or develop a program to ensure that the instructors you bring in will be highly trained. In all, having the right instructors can be an essential component and a key difference-maker in attendance growth.

#3 – Market Your Fitness Class Effectively

For new clients to come to your fitness class, they have to know it exists! Advertising your fitness class effectively can catch the attention of many and drive attendance due to the increased recognition. Aside from marketing physically, online digital marketing has become a mainstay in the marketing industry. The internet has allowed for increased visibility on a global scale, which has resulted in many opportunities for fitness businesses. Taking advantage of the online market to promote your fitness classes can have positive impacts not only on class attendance but also on your business.

Be sure to read our articles, “Digital Marketing for Gyms” and “The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing” to learn more about marketing your fitness classes effectively.

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#4 – Leverage Virtual Fitness Classes

Digitally marketing your fitness classes is not the only way of utilizing the internet to increase member attendance — offering a virtual option for classes can also. Just how online marketing has become a mainstay in the marketing industry, online workout services have become a key element in the fitness industry.

By offering virtual fitness classes, you allow an abundance of opportunities for attendance, whether if it’s through live-streaming your fitness classes or delivering pre-recorded classes to clients.

For tips on how to effectively live stream your fitness classes, check out our article, “Tips for Live Streaming Fitness Classes.”

#5 – Offer Member Incentives

Offering member incentives can help in retaining attendees and acquiring new ones. For instance, you can offer clients the ability to receive a free class or product if they attend a specific number of classes; or better yet, you can get new members by offering current members an incentive when they bring a friend to a class. When utilized correctly, offering member incentives has the ability to motivate clients to come to your fitness class while also allowing ways to get new clients to come as well.

#6 – Analyze Your Member Attendance Reports

Analyzing the attendance of your fitness classes can let you know what is working and what changes need to be made to improve. There could be certain months or days within the year that attendance fluctuates, and a revised class schedule could lead to a better attendance record. If you have multiple fitness classes, analyzing attendance can reveal which classes are the most successful and which ones may need further attention.

Offering fitness classes can be one of the most rewarding services for any fitness business in which attendance and member retention is crucial to overall success. By following the tips mentioned above, your fitness classes can see an increased attendance rate in no time.

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