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Choosing software to run your business is a big decision that can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, and by the end of this Kinetisense review we hope that the best choice stands out.

Kinetisense calls itself a “markerless motion capture analysis system” to assess and analyze movement in active individuals. The system can be used by biomechanists, physical therapists, chiropractors, researchers, athletic trainers, or other health professionals to assess active individuals or athletes. There are features to analyze balance, exercises/activities, posture, and joint range of motion.

An impressive feature aside, Kinetisense does not stack up as a fitness business management software system when compared to all-in-one software.

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And read on to find out why Kinetisense does not hit the mark.

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Kinetisense Software Review

Kinetisense logo

Kinetisense is based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, and was founded in 2013. Dr. Ryan Comeau is CEO and Co-Founder and David Schnare is Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Kinetisense Inc. For Kinetisense, Dallas is the location of the company’s next venture, the Kinetic Centre.

There is no further information online about the business structure, revenue, or organizational details. The Kinetisense website says the company has sold 650 licenses for the Kinetisense system worldwide.

Kinetisense vs

Kinetisense’s motion-capture tool and software system is capable of assessing biomechanics in active individuals, as well as posture, joint range-of-motion, balance, and functional movements. You will need a Windows 10 computer and tripod to use this hardware, which are not sold by Kinetisense.

As an assessment tool, Kinetisense’s features hit the mark. However, as a business management software tool, software features prove to be superior.

Compared to the limited offerings provided by Kinetisense, software features include performance health assessments as well as the features that are necessary for running a fitness business smoothly, like:

  • Workout creation, management, and delivery
  • Automated emails, texts, messages
  • Automated payments
  • Fully customizable web and smartphone applications
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Endless integrations
  • Staff roles, permissions, and schedules
  • And more…

Needless to say, it’s no surprise that some of the top brands in the industry have turned to for their business management software needs.

Unless otherwise stated, all images and reviews below are of/about the All-In-One Fitness Business Management software platform.

Fitness Business Management Software

Kinetisense does not have fitness business management capabilities as it is primarily an assessment tool.

In comparison, has full fitness business management software capabilities and helps fitness businesses thrive with the following FBM features.

Developing an easy intake system with my apps and ways to scale the delivery of workouts has been huge. Working with 20-30 individuals who each have specific goals and restrictions can be challenging, but your platform makes it easy to organize everyone’s programs and put a plan together that will get them the best results possible.
Dean Somerset 
We went live with our Fitness Business Management software at 4 locations. Everything is working great. The import and export are easy and the guys are really liking the look and convenience of the platform. From both my side and the user side the platform has exceeded our expectations.
The simple, effective tools help expand and simplify my coaching process.
Dean Somerset 
Before I came across, the process I used to try and communicate a program with an athlete long distance was extremely cumbersome. Those days are long gone, and I look forward to providing professional, clean, organized, and effective programs to clients for years to come.
Chip Gosewich PMR Performance
The team is amazing, and their all-in-one software is more than we ever expected! All of this is made possible by a high-quality team. makes my life easier by providing an all-in-one solution and the opportunity to help those who otherwise would never have access to my programming!
Tony Gentilcore Founder, Core Online

Client/Class Scheduling FBM empowers you to track visits, book classes and sessions, engage your clients with recurring appointment reminders via email and text, and provide calendar integration with google and apple for easy management.

With FBM’s calendar, you can also sort by:

  • Trainer
  • Location
  • Service
  • Recurring
  • Time
  • Availability

Gym/Facility Management

Kinetisense does not have any capability for gym/facility management. With software, you can generate reports for many areas such as total purchases or gross revenue. You are also able to manage staff roles and availability. You can ensure that you will be equipped with the necessary tools to make sure your business is on the right track.

Client Automation

The only automated option within the Kinetisense system is that reports are developed based on the results of the biomechanical assessment. Those are created by the system based on the results of the assessments and list dysfunctions in mobility or stability, or asymmetries to improve movement or lower risk for injuries.

There are no automated options for automating payments, reminders, notifications, scheduling, or workout delivery. However, offers all of those features and more. Health club professionals and personal trainers can set up the automation options they prefer and let the software make their life easier. With our automation options, users can:

  • Automatic Emails and Texts/Other Automatic Features
  • Automate Workout Delivery
  • Automate Resource Delivery
  • Automate Assessment Delivery
  • Automate Reminders/Alerts via app, text, and email

Dedicated Zapier Support packs as many integrations into its software as possible. We recognize, however, that there are some cases that require some extra help. For this reason, we have partnered with Zapier. By using this platform, you can:

  • Link your web apps with a few clicks so they can share data
  • Pass information between your apps with workflows called Zaps
  • Build processes faster so that you can get more done

With this partnership, you get dedicated support every step of the way. Zapier has over 2,000 apps to choose from, so you can be sure that your company’s website is easy to use and friendly for your members.

Dedicated Account Manager

At, we take pride in the customer service we provide. In order to ensure the high quality we’re after, we provide our clients with a dedicated account manager to guide them through each and every step of the process. This individual isn’t just with you at the beginning, they are with you for your entire relationship with our company.

If your business model changes and you need to redesign your website, your account manager will help get it done. If you are getting requests for products and want to set up an e-commerce store, your account manager will get it done. We are here for everything you need from simplistic to sophisticated.

Customized Software

This is the part of our comparison in which shines especially bright. The entirety of our software can be customized to create exactly what your business needs in order to run most efficiently. You are able to show off your brand through a custom app and website, integrate with other marketing tools, and gain peace of mind knowing that your information and that of your members is safe and secure.

All my clients are required to use my online training. When training with me personally face-to-face, they have my app. They train with me—let’s say two days—and then they have the app for one. So they’re constantly working out on their own or required to utilize the app logging so that I can now check on them
Ashton Roberts AR Performance Training
For a while now, we have been looking for a great way to provide an all-encompassing experience for basketball players. The customization features of the web platform and custom-branded apps have allowed us to do that, creating the perfect marriage between our expert content and all of the really cool features that help separate us from the rest of the competition.
Kyle Ohman Basketball HQ has brought a whole new element to my programming. I am super jealous of my brand and make quite a few demands, um, suggestions for the app. They are always eager to work with me and go above and beyond to deliver. Truly a gold medal team!
Kellie Davis Fit Thrive
Developing an easy intake system with my apps and ways to scale the delivery of workouts has been huge. Working with 20-30 individuals who each have specific goals and restrictions can be challenging, but your platform makes it easy to organize everyone’s programs and put a plan together that will get them the best results possible.
Dean Somerset has allowed a lot of flexibility with integration, so I can better connect with my customers. They developed a way to integrate with my CMR so I can send email sequences after purchasing, and they also created an upsell option on the sales page that offers exclusive products to customers.
Kellie Davis 
The team is amazing, and their all-in-one software is more than we ever expected! All of this is made possible by a high-quality team.


Kinetisense does not offer any custom-branded content. With, you can fully customize your websites and apps. The customization is not just a logo and colors; you can include integrations, verbiage, and other custom dev options. Technology is an important part of our daily lives, so makes the mobile app and online app simple, adaptable, and useful.

An added bonus is that our world-class development team will work with you until you are satisfied with the end product. You don’t speak to bots but to human experts, and you don’t need to be an HTML pro in order to have applications that match your level of expertise. We build with your brand, and only your brand, in mind so that you can focus on building your business.

iOs & Android Apps

With Kinetisense, there is no mobile app available for Apple or Android devices.

In comparison, offers fully customizable mobile apps for iOS and Android, which allow scheduling, check-ins, billing, point of sale, workout delivery, calendars, and workout logs, which are useful for personal trainers, health club owners, and active individuals.


Kinetisense also does not offer you a website. With, you are able to have a fully custom-branded, responsive, and SEO optimized website that is built to convert visitors to leads.

Security Features

It is unclear the type of security programs and measures that Kinetisense features. With you can ensure your security needs are met as we provide the necessary security measures for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. also has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification and utilizes Google Cloud.

Marketing Integrations

Kinetisense does not offer marketing integration features.

For your business’ marketing, provides a number of useful marketing integrations, including:

  • MailChimp
  • ConstantContact
  • ConvertKit
  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Grow and manage your fitness business better with

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Workout Software

Being able to create, update, send, and track workouts and client progression can be a defining factor for your fitness business. Kinetisense has limited workout management features available with its system. The only workout features are suggested exercises and strategies that may lessen the risk for injury.

There are no options to custom build workouts or fitness programs for clients outside of the suggestions built into the system based on the assessment results. Their software also has no capability for client/class scheduling.

In comparison, Fitness Business Management Software (FBM) has robust workout management features. Features such as a workout plan creation tool, a customizable exercise library, workout logging, progress tracking, automation options, and more. Personal trainers can create and deliver custom workouts for their clients and send reminders. updates, or workout summaries automatically or as they prefer.

Workout Creator/Logger

Kinetisense does not have workout creation or delivery options. There are no features available in Kinetisense to develop exercise programs or deliver workouts.

Kinetisense only shows where the dysfunction or asymmetry is occurring and whether they are related to stability or mobility, but recommended strategies based on the assessment information are not available. There is no option to create or deliver exercises, stretches, or workout plans to clients.

If a professional wishes to create or deliver workouts after using the Kinetisense program to assess movement, they must have a separate system or software to do this. has numerous features available for workout creation and delivery. You are able to customize workout content for any scenario, including:

1-1 Training

When a trainer or coach is able to work with someone individually, there is more attention given to that person which means greater potential for growth. With our software, you can add a personal touch to your workouts and help your client or athlete reach his or her fullest potential.

Group Training

Group settings can be very motivated both on the field and in the gym. Our software allows you to create group workouts so that the participants can motivate each other and help guide each other through. The community feel of these workouts can also promote friendly competition which leads to better results.

Online Training

The future is here in the fitness industry and it comes to us in the form of online training. That does not mean that face-to-face training will ever go away, only that virtual options are here and there are people who want to take advantage of them. software gives you the opportunity to create workouts, track your client’s progress, and communicate with them.

This portion of our platform could also be very useful for coaches. Sports teams can consist of dozens of different players, so giving individual attention can be difficult and time-consuming. By providing online workouts, coaches can make sure that the athletes get individualized training without having to commit to spending as much time in person.

Exercise Library provides its users with a pre-built library of exercises and videos that can be used to create workouts for your clients. While this can be a great tool to save time and is certainly worth having as an option, there is something to be said for a more personal touch.

As an added value to your business, provides the opportunity to create custom videos and exercises to add to your library.

Custom Exercises

Clients and athletes feel more of a connection when they see a familiar face in a video or picture of an exercise. It is more motivating because it is still their coach or trainer giving them instructions and it adds a certain level of believability to the training method.

By uploading your own videos, you are keeping the connection strong between you and your client or player. Motivating them, in this way, will help them to reach their goals faster.

TV Workouts

Exercise demos can be cast onto television screens. Whether you are showing demos in an office or in the exercise area, you can deliver customized experiences for any scenario.

E-Commerce Software

Kinetisense does not offer any e-commerce or point of sale features within its hardware or software system. As a fitness business owner, this can be troubling as e-commerce can be an important stream of revenue for your fitness business.

In comparison, clearly has the advantage because it offers capabilities to sell training packages to gym members or online clients, memberships, or single workout plans. All of these e-commerce features are included with, so it is not necessary to have an extra system for billing, payments, or purchases.

My custom-branded apps have made my life easier and helped streamline my online training, which in turn has transformed into a pretty awesome additional revenue stream for me and my family.
Tony Gentilcore has enabled our company to expand in ways we couldn’t imagine possible. As a Strength Coach that also manages the business this platform has made it much easier to get our programming out to not only our local clientele but also new clientele throughout the world as well as our professional athletes in different cities.
Eric Mahanke Carr Elite
I sold a workout program and matched my yearly salary of in-person training within two weeks of selling to my community.

Payment Processing

It is unclear the type of payment processing software Kinetisense utilizes. With, we utilize Stripe and created our dedicated Fitness Business Management Software in which you can access all of your payment tools in the same custom-branded web and mobile app. Whether clients need to pay a one-time or recurring price with cash, check, or credit card or accept direct deposits, you have flexible payment options that clients will appreciate.

Sell Products

With you have the ability to sell products online or in-store. This is a great way to increase revenue and allows for free advertising because people can wear your gym merch in public.

Sell Workout Plans

With, you have the ability to sell fully customizable workout plans to your clients and these workouts can be done from anywhere. Let’s say you have a client that travels for work a lot and cannot meet with you in person to train weekly. A customized workout plan allows you to retain a client even though said client may not be able to meet with you in person.

Offer Online Workout Memberships has the capability to offer online workout memberships but you also have the ability to automate those memberships as well. Workouts can be sent automatically at the designated time/situation in which clients can perform these exercises at any location and at any time.

Sell Workout Challenges

With you can create and sell customized challenges such as an eight-week weight-loss challenge. Challenges are great for getting people in the door. If they love your workout challenges, they may want to purchase a membership!

Performance Health Software Performance Health Software allows you to manage many key areas of your business such as assessments, reports, and nutrition. Read on to see how Kinetisense and stack up.

Working with and their team has been an amazing experience and a dream come true in terms of accomplishing a vision! Their workout technology has helped us effectively engage our community, and I highly recommend to grow your business!
APMD Performance 


The entire focus of Kinetisense is the biomechanical analysis of movement. Examples of this feature can be found on the Kinetisense YouTube page.

Their 3D modules include:

  • Joint range of motion analysis
  • Posture data in the three cardinal planes of movement (frontal, sagittal, and transverse)
  • Functional movement of an exercise or activity
  • Balance, which can also be used for concussion baselines or elderly risk of falls

This system comes with functions to track performance over time and includes charts and graphs to show changes or improvements when re-testing; but here’s the caveat:

If a business or health club owner was using Kinetisense to screen clients or for assessment purposes, they would still need another system for business and management functions, workout delivery, and e-commerce. Two or more systems add more to one’s plate and add unecessary business expenses.

This is where all-in-one software can combine all the features that a fitness facility or health club would need, including performance health assessments, e-commerce, workout creation and delivery, customization options, and automation options while reducing costs and simplifying many processes into one system.

Performance & Measurement Reports

Shapewatch and Kinetisense formed a partnership and launched ShapeKAMS. This program combines the capabilities of both systems and includes biometric screening, a view of an individual’s body shape, and completion of the KAMS functional movement assessment.

That’s where Kinetisense’s client engagement offerings end.

In order to ensure that you retain clients, it is important to engage with them regularly. Performing a movement assessment is not enough to fully engage your customers.

With, you are able to create custom assessments for your clients. Assessments can provide history, measurement data, injuries, photos/videos, and goals. You are also able to use an assessment to trigger a workout specifically developed for that client’s needs based on smart data from their onboarding. With you can truly assess clients and help them step by step in their fitness journey.


There are no options for nutrition planning, tracking, or goal setting with Kinetisense. does have a number of features for nutrition, including rest day nutrition goals vs. training day nutrition goals, macronutrient (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) goals, and nutrition tracking. Trainers can also upload meal plans, files, or pictures to help their clients meet their nutrition and fitness goals.

Kinestisense Software Pricing

There are two components to the overall cost of using Kinetisense. First is the purchase of the Kinetisense hardware, which includes the sensor (with the camera and microphone) and adapter. In addition, you also need a Windows laptop and tripod, but those are not sold by Kinetisense.

The second component is the license and yearly subscription (which does include software updates) to use the Kinetisense assessment program. Kinetisense is not upfront with their pricing structure, they request that you contact them via their website for the price details. However, some digging yielded a few details and additional pricing information.

The regular price for Kinetisense software plus the camera is $2094. The only information online refers to a yearly premium subscription of $996. The only other pricing information about the Kinetisense systems is pricing for the KAMS software at $3,984 for a four-year subscription.

Kinetisense Software Competitors

The top competitors of Kinetisense are Functional Movement Systems and Fusionetics. Both offer movement analyses that have been tested and are reliable and valid measures of functional movement. The major differences are that FMS and Fusionetics (which uses FMS) are subjective measures and rely on a person to score, whereas Kinetisense uses objective measurements from the computer-based system.

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

Kinetisense is a fantastic performance assessment tool, but that is all that the program has to offer. For fitness professionals looking to streamline their services and lessen the amount of time required for everyday business needs, has Kinetisense beat.

Kinetisense Cons

Kinetisense offers options for performance and sport assessments, as well as some recommendations based on the results, but does not go beyond that with additional features. The entire focus is on the analysis of movement. For those who manage their own businesses, this niche focus is simply not enough to run a business effectively. Pros

Web and smartphone apps that have been custom-made by our world-class development team are only the beginning of what has to offer fitness business owners. From a long list of features like nutrition tracking, workout creation, delivery, and management, performance assessment tools, e-commerce capabilities, automation, and endless integrations, has everything you need to smoothly and successfully run your business.

Because software is an all-in-one business management platform, you won’t need to subscribe to other programs, as is the case with Kinetisense, to fully manage the day-to-day operations of your business. This gives you more time to focus on the needs of your clients, customers, and staff.

Hopefully, you see the benefit of having a system and software in place that allows you to manage and grow your business for years to come.

What features are most important for your business?

If you’re ready to grow and manage your business with a software that can be customized to your business, book a demo with


What is is a fitness business management software platform backed by a knowledgeable team of fitness and software experts whose main goal is to solve a common problem for personal trainers and fitness business owners: how to grow a fitness business without wasting time and money.

What sets apart from its competitors? turbocharges your business with custom-branded, all-in-one, fitness business software. From managing and automating the scheduling of appointments and classes; to saving time creating workouts with our workout plan creator; to offering custom-branded iOS and Android apps; to selling memberships, workout challenges, group subscriptions, workout plans, one-on-one training, and merch; to increasing revenue outside of your training walls with fully-remote training capabilities; to taking clients through custom assessments to automatically deliver personalized workouts based on the data collected.

The software provided by offers more value and more features than the software provided by our competitors.

What if I’m not technical?

You don't need to be. The dev team will build your custom-branded apps and will take care of all of the technical stuff so you can focus on what you do best: managing your fitness business.

What if I don’t have many clients or a brick-and-mortar gym?

Properly engaging the clients you have with responsive, user-friendly business management software is paramount, with or without a physical space. By utilizing all-in-one fitness business management software, you are able to expand your reach by targeting and training potential clients all over the world ­– no brick-and-mortar gym needed.

Is fitness business management software hard to set up?

No, it's very easy. All you need to do is follow our success team’s proven process. We will deliver your custom-branded, all-in-one fitness business software, and you can focus on generating revenue and growing your business. Additionally, for any questions you may have, you have access to a Dedicated Account Manager who can revise, update, or add to your software platform at any time.

Should I wait to implement fitness business management software?

No. Time-management is crucial as a business owner. Whether you’re looking to bill customers, automate assessments, schedule classes, or send out recurring workout plans, a fully integrated, secure platform that can support in-person and online payments, training, and scheduling can help you save time, increase revenue, and manage a higher number of clients.

Do any big names in the industry use

Yes. We have a proven track record with fitness professionals like Mike Boyle, Carr Elite, Spartan Strong, PJF Performance, APEC, AMPD Performance, YMCA, D1 Training, & Tony Gentilcore.

How do I sign-up for the software platform?

Click “Book Demo” anywhere on this page to schedule a call with one of our team members.

Will integrate with other software?

Our software integrates with a variety of other software platforms including Zapier, Stripe, YouTube, Vimeo, MailChimp, MyFitnessPal, ConvertKit, and more.

How much does software cost?

This is an all-in-one fitness business software platform that allows you to grow your business as much as you'd like; so, price varies depending on your business’s needs. Book a demo today to discuss those needs with an sales team member.