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3 Personal Training Package Ideas

Offering personal training packages can be key in growing and maintaining the success of your fitness business. This article will give you personal training package ideas that you can implement into your service offerings right away.

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UPDATED: Apr 27, 2021

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  • Providing personal training packages to clients can increase your gym’s attendance rate and revenue, ultimately contributing to your gym’s success. 
  • There are many types of packages you can offer to clients, but you need to ensure that the packages are built to accommodate in-person, online, or hybrid clients.
  • Oftentimes, you need a software platform that allows you to market your training packages and enable clients to access your custom workout content easily.

Individuals are constantly on the lookout for ways to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle, and personal training has been a go-to for many to achieve their fitness and health goals. With the fitness industry continuing to grow, many fitness businesses have made it a point to offer unique packages and specials to acquire and retain clients and separate themselves from competitors.

In this article, we’ll go over some personal training package ideas that can do wonders for your fitness business. Also, you’ll get to know how Exercise.com gym management software allows you to offer these packages in addition to many other features that are beneficial to your business. To learn more, book a demo with the Exercise.com team today!

3 Personal Training Package Ideas

Your personal training package offerings should align with your clientele, niche, and training style. As you may be training in-person, online, and/or hybrid clients, your packages need to be set up in a way that works for you and your clients. Below are three personal training ideas that are can be streamlined to fit your specific needs. 

#1 – Group Training Packages

With nearly 40% of regular exercisers having participated in group fitness classes, many fitness businesses have made group training a staple offering due to the positives it can bring. For one, group training allows fitness trainers to train more than one person at a time, paving the way to train and reach more clients in total.

Also, many clients are more comfortable in a group or class setting and may be more inclined to stay diligent in their workout journey. Clients may even bring others they know to train with them, which can positively influence your gym’s attendance rate. However, the types of group training packages that you can offer heavily depend on your type of fitness business.

If you are looking to increase your fitness class attendance, our article, “How to Increase Your Fitness Class Attendance by 40%,” will tell you how.

If you run a brick-and-mortar gym, your packages should be more geared to in-person clients. For example, you can offer to physically train a certain number of people for an allotted time period, such as groups of six people, two times a week for six weeks.

These types of packages should be cheaper than 1-1 training offerings and payment can be made upfront before the start of training. These package types can work well for sports teams as well, like making offerings to train teams of up to twelve for a discounted monthly rate.

If you also offer online training to your clients or run an online personal training business, having package types that are ideal for virtual engagement is a must. Your group workout content should consist of exercises that clients are able to do on their own effectively without having a trainer physically present. These types of packages can either be done live or with pre-recorded video tutorials in which the trainer can check in on the group on training days.

Notably, if you do plan on offering virtual group training packages, having a software platform that enables you to do so effectively can be one of the most important determinators for success.

Exercise.com offers workout software built for fitness professionals in addition to online training software so that you are able to create custom workout content that clients can access on their computers, phones, and/or tablets. Exercise.com also has many other features that bode well for online group training, like scheduling and messaging features in addition to fitness assessment software.


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#2 – Bulk Personal Training Session Packages

Many of your clients’ schedules can be quite hectic, and committing to a specific workout time frame can be difficult for them. Selling your training sessions in bulk can be a great option for many as clients would not have to worry too much about having to train on specific days.

These packages can be paid upfront and have an expiration date. For instance, you can sell ten 30 minute training sessions for $400 in which clients must use these sessions within 2 months. Bulk packages such as these can be sold at a reduced rate compared to when clients pay for an individual session and can be offered in a way that adheres to in-person, online, or hybrid clients.

#3 – Tiered Personal Training Packages

Personal training packages are generally offered to clients in which they have to pay up-front for training sessions that usually last for one month or more. Tiered personal training packages, though, takes it further. Additional services can be offered for the same packages at a higher rate.

For example, you can offer a three-month training package with three training sessions per week for a certain amount. You can offer a similar package with the same training durations but add services to this package, like nutritional tracking or meal prep, and price it higher than the original package. Unique personal training package names can be assigned to such packages, like the “Basic Three-Month Plan” and the “Premium Three-Month Plan”.

These tiered training packages can work well for any type of client and can be great especially for clients that have specific goals, such as bodybuilding and athletic competitions or wedding prep and post-pregnancy fitness goals.

Offering training packages can be a great way to increase revenue, build your clientele base, and separate you from other gyms.  And, as mentioned above, having a software platform like Exercise.com can play an important role in offering such packages in addition to your overall business’s success.

However, the Exercise.com software platform’s ability in helping with offering and advertising training packages is only a small portion of its capability. The software also helps run and automate many other areas of your fitness business too, such as gym/facility management, business reporting, payment processing, gym ecommerce, and much more.

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