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What Is a Good Present for a Personal Trainer?

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • Clients can choose from numerous different gift ideas to show appreciation for a trainer.
  • Gifts should be fitness-oriented since this ensures the gift to the personal trainer is appropriate.
  • Presenting a nice gift helps further the client-trainer relationship.

Clients might be surprised at the incredible results they experience after working out with a personal trainer. Maybe you’re one of those thrilled clients and would like to show a little appreciation through a gift. Gifts could be timed for the holidays, birthdays, special occasions, or even just out of the blue.

Personal trainers do enjoy receiving gifts. Certain gifts, however, would be more appropriate than others. If you want to send a thoughtful gift in your trainer’s direction, follow a little conventional wisdom and think about the gift ideas below.

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Designer Fitness Apparel

Like other professionals, personal trainers need to dress for success. Their clothes must not only be appropriate for the gym, but they should always look nice, clean, and pressed. Washing clothes too often leads to fading, which means trainers must spend a lot of money on gym wear.

Buying pants, shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops for trainers saves them some cents.

If you aren’t entirely sure of which name brands are perfect for a trainer, just flip through any health and fitness magazine and pay attention to the ads. Affordable selections won’t be too tough to find in any mainstream publication.

Protein Powder

Muscles need protein to recover and repair. That’s why protein powders consistently sell so well. Fitness enthusiasts seem to have an affinity for protein shakes. Actually, protein powder can be used for baking, too.

The most common protein on shelves is whey, but egg and beef protein can be purchased, too. For those trainers who do not eat animal products, soy, rice, and vegetable protein powders remain options. Stick with high-end protein powders as these may deliver the best taste and results.

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A Boxing Stopwatch

Trainers time their clients often. Rest periods between weightlifting sets may be timed anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes. Interval training sessions must be timed effectively or a workout won’t come off as well as it should. So, a trainer benefits from owning a reliable timing device.

Boxing stopwatches, designed to time rounds, are a great alternative to a smartphone’s stopwatch. They are designed for gym use. In addition to being durable, these timers present a sporty look and can be a stylish yet professional accessory.

A Targeted Gift Certificate

You may have a great idea about what type of gift to buy a trainer, but you might be short on specifics. A particular workout outfit may be perfect for your trainer, but do you know the trainer’s exact size? Asking a trainer for their clothing size could ruin the surprise element of giving a gift. But a gift certificate would make gift-giving easier.

Gift certificates to generic online or brick-and-mortar retailers are good choices, but targeted certificates to fitness-related shops make better gifts.

A gift certificate to a health food store or a sports apparel boutique would fit the bill.

The Gift of Cash

Cash never hurts! Trainers could put the money to use in any number of ways. Handing the cash over in a gift envelope also reduces the potential for buying the wrong or inappropriate gift. There’s no perfect amount for a cash gift. A cash amount equivalent to one single personal trainer session would probably work nicely.

Gifts that Pay You Back

Giving a trainer a nice gift definitely has its rewards. Sadly, a number of clients never give their trainers any gifts or tokens of appreciation. When you take the initiative to be thoughtful, your trainer won’t forget, which may lead to a more productive client-trainer relationship.

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How do I find a personal trainer?

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Can personal trainers come to your house?

Yes! Some personal trainers do train clients in their own homes.

What if I don’t like my personal trainer?

That’s completely okay! Finding a personal trainer that you connect with is important. If you do not like your personal trainer, make sure that you cancel any upcoming appointments to avoid being charged and either ask your gym for a new trainer or ask friends or family if they have any recommendations.

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