How do I add alternate exercises in the Workout Plan Creator?

Within our Workout Software, you’re able to add alternate exercises to workouts.

From the “Day” view of the Workout Plan Creator, choose the workout that you want to add alternate exercises to. Directly below the workout name, you will see a blue “+” icon and the words “add alternate.” Click on “+ add alternate” and an “Alternate Exercises” tab will appear within the workout box.

Within the tab, type the name of an alternate exercise into the search bar. Select an exercise from the drop-down list, and it will be added as an alternate exercise. Then customize the details.

To delete an alternate exercise, click on the “(x)” icon directly below the main exercise heading and to the right of the alternate exercise name.

By clicking “+ add alternate” again, you can add multiple alternate exercises to one main exercise!

See video:

Updated on January 19, 2021

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