How do I add benchmark routines?

Within our workout software built for gyms and personal trainers, you have the ability to bulk edit sessions.

Starting from the “Plans” tab on your dashboard, follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to use this feature.

benchmark routine

Step-by-Step Guide:

manage routines

Step 2: Create or edit a routine.

create routine

Step 3: Select “Text-Entry Only” from the “Workout Types” drop-down list.

select workout

Step 4: Fill out the workout details and select the score type from the “Select a Scoring Type” drop-down list.

select score type

Step 5: Check the “Save as benchmark for progress tracking?” box.

save benchmark

Step 6: You can now view a client’s benchmarks from the client drawer on their calendar.

client drawer

Clients can view their benchmarks from the “Performance” tab on their dashboard.

client dashboard

Now, you can add benchmark routines!

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