How to Set Up or Update CNAMEs

When you join the family you’re given a subdomain for your custom, SEO-optimized fitness business website (ie., etc.) but we want to completely brand your URL link (so it doesn’t have “” in the URL)!

To do so we’ll want to set up CNames on your DNS Host.

Follow the steps below!

  1. Choose a domain extension
    • (ie. – it doesn’t need to be “train,” any word will work here)
    • Examples: “online”, “train”, “training”
    • Note: If you already have an active platform and are just updating DNS settings, it’s important that you use the same word you originally used for your platform.
  2. Determine what DNS Host you have (ie. GoDaddy, WixPress, SquareSpace, Cloudflare, NameCheap, Siteground, Blue Host, HostGator, etc.)
  3. Sign in to your DNS Host

    • Look in your Settings for “Manage DNS Records” or a similar option
    • It may be under the Domain button  > Advanced Settings (etc.)
  4. Add 2 CNAMEs under your domain/website (ie. The first is for our server purposes, the second is for Google verification.
    • Set up the CNAME with the host pointing to the subdomain:
      • WORD” (the word you chose in Step 1 above) pointing to “SUBDOMAIN” (the private subdomain you have on
      • GOOGLE” (the Google identifier we shared with you when setting up your platform) pointing to “GOOGLE LINK” (the Google link we shared with you when setting up your platform)


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