How do I set up Assessment Rules?

Within our Assessment Software, Assessment Rules allow you to customize what happens after an assessment is submitted, based on the specific answers provided in the assessment.

Here’s how to set up an Assessment Rule, starting from the “Assessments” tab of your Dashboard:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Click the gear icon to edit or create an assessment.

edit assessment

Step 2: Click on the Rules tab for your assessment.

rules tab

add rule

Step 4: Click the pencil icon and update the title for your new rule.

edit rule

add formula

Step 6: Use the “Add Question” dropdown to add your first variable to the formula.

Choose question “Value” if you want to plug in the client’s answer(s), or choose question “Points” if you want to plug in the points a client receives for their answer(s), based on your assessment scoring setup.

NOTE: You must enable assessment scoring and set up point values for different answers in order to use question “Points”.


Step 7: Use the “Add Operand” to connect multiple questions together.

add operand

Step 8: Once your formula is ready, select the result you want to trigger in the “Select Action” dropdown menu under “New Rule Result”.

add result

Once your Rule Result is configured, save your assessment and give it a test run!

We HIGHLY recommend testing your formulas and rules extensively to make sure they are working as expected before any live data is entered into the assessment.

Now, you can trigger specific actions based on specific assessment responses!

Here are two examples of Assessment Rules in action.

Assessment Rule Example 1

Adding a tag to a client’s profile, based on their scored assessment answers.

First, we will make sure our assessment has scoring enabled. We will leave the Assessment Formula field empty because we don’t want to customize the scoring formula.


Next, we need to add a dropdown or checkbox question to our assessment so we can score the answers. Click here for more information on scoring assessments.

sample question

Here is an example of a dropdown question and the configured scoring for each answer.

Now, we’re ready to set up our Rule! We’ve configured the Tag Highest Scores as “Expert Result” rule so the formula takes the points scored on questions 3, 4, and 5 and adds them all together.

We will trigger the tag based on the client’s answers if this formula returns a 12.


We’ll set the result to tag the client with an “Expert Result” tag.

tag client

That’s it! Now any client who qualifies with the max score on our 3 sample questions will automatically have the “Expert Result” tag added to their profile.

Assessment Rule Example 2

Adding a client to a specific group, based on an answer they have provided in their assessment.

We don’t need scoring for this one, since we can just use a client’s exact answer. We’ll add a dropdown question that asks “What sport are you training for?” and give them a few answers to choose from.


We’ll add a Rule called “Add Soccer Players to Soccer Training Group” and set up the formula to check for Question 6 Value. This will pull the exact answer the client entered for Question 6. We’ve set this rule to look for the answer “Soccer”.

add to group

Finally, we’ll set the result so that clients who choose “Soccer” for Question 6 will be added to the Soccer Training group.

Now, we have people with a specific assessment answer getting added to a specific group!

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