How to Check-in Client Dependents

This guide will walk you through the process of checking in client dependents.

Click “Search” on the check-in page.

Click 'Search'

2. Enter Client

Enter a client’s name, email or barcode in the search field.

Enter Client

3. Select a Client

Select and click on the client’s name.

Select a Client

4. Click “Check in Details”

After checking in, click the “Check in Details” link.

Click 'Check in Details'

5. Click “Dependents”

Navigate to the “Dependents” section.

Click 'Dependents'

6. Click the Check-in Icon

To check-in a dependent, click on the check-in icon next to the dependent.

Click the Check-in Icon

7. Click the Check-in Icon

You can check-in multiple dependents by clicking on their check-in icons.

Click the Check-in Icon

8. Click Back

Clicking on the back button will take you to the list of clients who have checked in.

Click Back

9. Click “All”

The “All” section will list all the clients that have been checked in.

Click 'All'

10. Click “Alerts”

Clicking on the “Alerts” tab will filter the clients with alerts.

Click 'Alerts'

This guide covered checking in client dependents and viewing the check-in list.