Client Calendar Overview

We are excited to announce a brand-new layout for managing your client workout schedules!

Every client is going to have their own workout calendar, which makes it much easier for you to view, manage, and customize workouts for each client.

What’s Changing:

The OLD way: Create a workout plan and assign it to the client or group that you want to follow that plan. Then “Start” the plan for the client or group and set up their schedule. When the plan ends, you have to create a new plan and assign it to the client or group again.

The NEW way: Each client and group will have their own unique calendar where you can manage their workout schedule.

Here’s a quick video to show you the new way to add a workout plan to your client’s schedule:


Use the new calendar icon to access a client’s workout calendar: 


You will be able to import workout plans into their calendar, then drag and drop any workout as needed to adjust their schedule. You will also be able to create workouts one at a time on the calendar if you would like to.

Here’s what it looks like in action:


Use the “Import Plan to Calendar” link to import any workout plan you have created:


With the new workout calendars, all of the workouts for a client or group will be accessible in this calendar view:


Changes from the Client’s Perspective

Clients will no longer need to start / stop workout plans or set up their schedule. Instead, their scheduled workouts will reflect the workouts that you set up on their workout calendar.

All clients currently following a plan assigned to them will have their current workouts automatically imported onto their workout calendar when the new update goes live.

What’s NOT changing:

If you have a group membership with workout plans that are NOT calendar-based, these changes will not affect those group members and their workout plans.

You will still be able to create week-based plans, which you can then assign to groups, make available for purchase, or import to a client’s calendar.

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