How do I close out a completed appointment?

Once an appointment ends, you can update the attendance for each client who has booked the appointment.

If the client already has a package for this type of appointment, completing the appointment will automatically count one use for that appointment.


Cancellation Options

If a client booked the appointment but didn’t attend, you can mark the session as “no show”, “early cancellation”, or “late cancellation”.


Clients can also cancel appointments from their end, and the appointment will show as a late cancellation if they cancelled after your cancellation deadline.

Once the appointment is set as “cancelled”, you can choose whether or not the session will be counted as “used” by clicking “Charge for this appointment”.


Add Client Billing Information

If the client does NOT have a credit card on file, you will be able to enter billing information for them when you mark the session as completed.


Charge Client for a Package

If the client already has a credit card on file, but has not purchased a package for the given service yet, you will be able to choose an existing package and charge the client’s account. You can also manually charge for a single appointment visit if you’d like.


Reset Appointment Status

You can reset the appointment status any time to prevent it being counted as a completed visit for the client.


You can re-visit an appointment any time to update the status for any client.

Updated on October 30, 2020

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