How do I connect to Mailchimp and set up E-commerce tracking?

Want anyone who buys something on your white label site to be added to your email list — including their purchase information? You’re in luck! Our Gym Management Software now supports this with our Mailchimp integration!

Here’s how to connect to Mailchimp, starting from the “Account” tab of your Dashboard:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Find your List ID in Mailchimp.

Before we get connected, you’ll want to grab your List ID from Mailchimp.

Click here for Mailchimp’s instructions on how to find your List ID.

Step 2: Create an API Key for your Mailchimp account.

You’ll also need an API Key in order for our platform to be able to send subscriber and payment info to your Mailchimp list.

Click here for Mailchimp’s instructions on how to create an API key.

Ok, do you have those ready? Great! Now it’s simple to connect your account to Mailchimp.

Step 3: Click the “My Connected Apps” tab on your Dashboard:

Step 4: Click “connect Mailchimp” and enter your info.

Step 5: Click “Save” to complete the integration.

That’s it! Now anyone who makes a purchase on your site and opts into your emails will be added to your Mailchimp list, and their subscriber profile will include their purchase information like product(s) purchased, revenue per purchase, etc.

NOTE: If a client does NOT opt-in when creating their account, they won’t be added to the list!

To see this information in Mailchimp, find the purchaser’s profile on your list, and click the “E-commerce” section:

Now that you’re connected, you can set up advanced tasks like segmenting your list according to purchase activity!

Click here for Mailchimp’s instructions on how to segment your list based on purchase activity.

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