How do I connect to My Withings account?

Because our goal is to help you track your health progress effortlessly, we’ve teamed up with Withings, a company devoted to helping you achieve everyday well-being while also ensuring long-term health.

With their app and products, you can track the steps you take each day as well as monitor your body weight, body fat, heart rate, and much more. 

Withings provides several convenient methods for tracking your daily activity. First, the Withings app, Health Mate, tracks every step you take via sensors in your smartphone and then displays that data as a graph within the app.

For a more stylish method, use one of Withings activity trackers, such as Activité or Activité Pop, which double as watches and step trackers.

Or try Withings Pulse, the activity tracker that records your daily steps, distance walked, elevation climbed, calories burned, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels.

Another way to track your health is the Smart Body Analyzer scale, which measures your body weight and fat as well as your heart rate. 

All activity that is captured by one of the fitness trackers or the scale is automatically recorded in your Health Mate account for easy reference.  

To learn how to connect Withings to your account, follow these steps: 

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. After you’ve logged in to your account, head over to the “My Stuff” tab on your dashboard.


2. On the left side of the “My Stuff” page, look for “My Connected Apps”.


3. When you are in “My Connected Apps,” scroll down to the Withings logo and click “Connect Withings”.

4. A pop-up window will ask you to log in to your Withings account or to sign up if you do not already have an account.

Once you sign up or log in, you’re all set!

Built for Everyday

Any steps tracked by your smartphone or activity tracker and any weight recorded by the Smart Body Analyzer scale will be automatically entered into your Withings account.

Once entered into your Withings account, the data will instantly be logged into your activity.

Connecting with Withings saves you from manually entering data into all your various health accounts, so you can have more time to dedicate to keeping your body healthy. 

Test It Out

Now it’s time for you to experience the benefits of the and Withings partnership for yourself.

Simply follow the five steps listed above and you’ll be experiencing the benefits in a few short minutes.

If you find that connecting Withings to your account is not beneficial for you, just click “disconnect” under the Withings logo and your accounts will be automatically disconnected.

Don’t forget to download our app so you can connect with Withings anywhere, anytime.

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