How do I create a workout plan?

Within our Workout Software, you can create a workout plan.

Starting from the “Plans” tab on your Dashboard, follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to use this feature.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Open the “Plans” tab and click the “Create New Plan” button.

To create a new workout plan, navigate to the “Plans” tab of the Dashboard and select “Create New Plan”.

Step 2: Configure your plan settings.

Set up your workout plan settings and click save changes to be taken to the workout plan creator. Below are important settings to note when creating a workout plan.

  • Plan Name
  • Days of the Week
  • Any Resources you want to include with the plan

Step 3: Add your workouts!

The workout plan creator has both a Weeks and Days view. From the Weeks view, click “Build Workout” to begin creating a workout for a specific day.

From the Days view, you can add exercises to create the workout. Below are important things to note when creating a workout:

  • Update the Workout Title
  • Enable Block Programming (optional) — This enables the following options:
    • Add New Blocks
    • Edit Block Title
    • Set your Block Type
      • Normal
      • Circuit
      • Superset
  • Add Exercises or Saved Routines:
    • Create New Exercises as Needed
    • Add Saved Workout Routines


  • Adjust individual exercise details by expanding or collapsing an exercise.
    • Prescribe Exercise Measurement (ie. Set, Reps)
    • Adjust Measurement (ie. add Reps, remove time, etc.)
    • Enable AMRAP
    • Each Side
    • Alternate Exercises
    • Tempo
    • Intensity
    • Progressions
    • Additional Exercises Notes

Step 4: Set up workouts for other days in the plan.

Create workouts for different days by selecting the day from the Weeks view or selecting from the dropdown/arrow (Day 1 Monday).

Step 5: Add more weeks.

To add another week, you can either add an empty or copy an existing week.

You can save time creating workouts by copying workout days and weeks.

Step 6: Publish your new plan!

Click the “Publish” button to publish your plan.

    • Click Publish
    • **If there are unfinished measurements press “Click here to edit” and adjust them accordingly
    • Click “Publish Workout Plan”
    • Publishing Options:
    • If you’d like to sell this plan, add a price.
    • If you’d like to add this plan to a group, click the “Add to Groups” and select the group from the dropdown
    • If you want to publish now and add/assign to client calendar later you can do that by clicking publish

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