How do I create and edit a group welcome message?

From the Trainer Dashboard, select the “Groups” tab. Within that tab, locate the desired group and hover your cursor over the group’s thumbnail.

Then click on the “Edit” option when it appears in the thumbnail. Once you click “Edit,” you will be automatically redirected to the “Edit Group” page.

From the “Edit Group” page, scroll down until you see the heading “Welcome Message.” 

In the text box directly below that header, enter a welcome message for your group.Then click “Save Group” at the bottom of the page to make your welcome message live.

If you want to edit your welcome message for any reason, follow the steps above until you reach the “Welcome Message” section of the “Edit Group” page.

In the text box, edit your former welcome message as needed. Then save your changes by clicking “Save Group” at the bottom of the page. 

Your group will be updated with the new message as soon as you click “Save Group”.

Updated on October 30, 2020

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